lesson 8

Bills and Coins
This was a pretty cool app, but it is a little confusing because you have to count it out with the
fake money but you can’t use the app to subtract it which gets a little confusing because it is a lot
easier to get confused with where you are at in adding it up.
QR scanner
This is a really cool app for everyone to use with a ipod (3rd generation or higher) or ipad, cell
phone… with a camera and internet connection. Nice way to get a message out there, tell
someone a secret, basically anything you want to say you can say I code. If you are having a
scavenger hunt it is a fun way for students to try to figure out where to go next.
It was invented in 1994 by Toyota to track vehicles during the process of being made.
Poll everywhere
This is a great app. For kids who like to text a lot or who like to use apps on their ipods, this a
way to get them to pay more attention and get to use your technology in class.
This is a nice thing for in class and at home. For class it is nice to show in different classes like
FACs and economics and it shows different prices. It is a great way to make sure you are tgetting
the best price…it is also great for college students 
This is a quick and easy way to get the word out about something. With QR codes becoming
more popular people are going to get curious when they see one and are going to scan it just to
see what it is all about. It is also a lot faster than going to go and hang posters.
Poll everywhere
This is an a nice way to get kids involved in class by using kids technology to keep them
interested… they actually want to get involved because they get to use their ipods and cell
This site was ok. It was a little confusing that is was using words that I hadn’t put in there at first,
but once I went in and saved it again it was ok. Probably not something I would suggest to other
This is really fun website for kids who love to play games in class. I know in high school if we
were caught playing a game when in class when we weren’t not supposed to then we would get
in trouble. This is a great for video gamers.
This is another fun game, but it is too centered on just academic things. I know that is what the
title says it is going to be about, but they don’t even try to hide a bit. The other website they hide
it a bit more. But it is still a fun website though.
This was a nice twist on really old games like hang man. It was fun because they were the same
This is a nice way to get to know a vocab word with the picture association. Even if the picture
turns out to be completely wrong, but you have the picture association and it will be easier to
remember. Like you are taking a test and you get to that word and picture what it is and then
you’re like “oh that is the one where I go the picture wrong…” now they remember it.
(create rubrics)
It is cool that you can get a rubric outline ready-made and just put your information in. makes it
so much easier. You aren’t trying to make one on word or excel or anything and it can get all
(create surveys)- nice way to make a survey for free and it will save it so you can create
different ones and still be able to go back to the last one you did. Very organized.
Superteachertools.com- this is awesome that you can create those old school games that have
been in the class rooms forever but are still fun. Ones like jeopardy never get old. And this is a
nice way to get it and it is easy. Easier than trying to creating your own from scratch
Much easier on teachers. Makes it a lot easier to make a quiz and have it graded instantly. It
takes some time to create, but you are going to think it is very worth it when you don’t have to
take all those quizzes home and grade them then put them in the grade book then hand them
back. It is also nice that the students can know instantly what their grade is.