Criminal Justice Process: The Investigation

Criminal Justice Process: The
Mrs. Gurzler
Arrest Vocab
• Arrest – takes place when a person suspected
of a crime is taken into custody.
• Arrest warrant – a court order commanding that
the person named in it be taken into custody.
• Probable cause to arrest means having a
reasonable belief that a specific person has
committed a crime. No exact formula.
• Drug courier profile – used to provide a basis
to stop and question a person or to help
establish probable cause for arrest. Some
argue this is unfair.
Arrest Vocab Continued…
• Corroborate – Police are required to
confirm tips from citizens
• Reasonable suspicion – based on even
less evidence than probable cause.
• Stop and frisk – if an officer thinks that a
person is armed and dangerous, they may
pat down the person’s outer clothing
Search and Seizure
• Exclusionary rule – If the court finds the search
was unreasonable, then evidence found in the
search cannot be used at the trial against the
• Search warrant – a court order, issued by a
• Before a judge issues a warrant, a police officer
must file an affidavit – a sworn statement of
facts and circumstances that provides the
probable cause to believe that a search is
Interrogations and Confessions
• Interrogate – after an arrest is made, the
police question the accused
• Self-incrimination – a suspect has the right
to remain silent and cannot be forced to
testify against himself or herself.
– The government bears the burden of proof.
– 5th Amendment – “I Plead the Fifth”
– Police officers have to read them to you when
you are arrested.