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Analyze a real world problem

Design a software solution for that problem

Zhen Chen

Solano Community College

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability – everyone has a role to play

Source: David Dornfeld, Ph.D. Will C. Hall Family Professor of Engineering, Director, Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability (LMAS), University of

California, Berkeley


Sustainability – everyone has a role to play

First, what is sustainability?

Sustainable? Green?

Source: The University of Toledo – SEED Initiative, http://www.utoledo.edu/sustainability/; accessed 6.9.14


Who … what … where …?


How you design and produce things matters a lot


There are concrete impactful actions that manufacturers can take

How it is made … ?

Improve manufacturing process

Cost issue



Energy reduction, harvesting, combined processes, optimization, sustainability budget

Cost issue

Improve energy efficiency

Green manufacturing

Improve material efficiency

system triangle


Use clean energy sources


Manufacturing and energy mix

Reduce embedded energy



Cost issue

Use lower impact materials

Material yield, supply chain/source and haz, chemistry/chemical effects

Source: Chris Yingchun Yuan, A System Approach for Reducing the Environmental Impact of

Manufacturing and Sustainability Improvement of Nano-scale Manufacturing, PhD. Thesis,

UC-Berkeley, 2009


There are concrete impactful actions that manufacturers can take

Example … line level

Process 1


Process 2

Process 3

Process n

Energy Water Consumables

Material /


Process 1

Part /










Source: Robinson, S. “An Environmental and Economic Trade-off Analysis of Manufacturing Process Chains to

Inform Decision Making for Sustainability,” (December 2013), Doctoral Dissertation, UC-Berkeley.


There are concrete impactful actions that manufacturers can take

Optimize over the system


Process 4

Process 2

Cost and environmental impact

Process 3

Process N

Process 1




And extends to tooling and operations also …

Source: Robinson, S., Dornfeld, D. “Leveraging Advanced Manufacturing for Sustainable Production,”

Proc. 2014 International Symposium on Flexible Automation, Awaji-Island, Hyogo, Japan, July 14 – 16, 2014.


There are concrete impactful actions that manufacturers can take

Example of process optimization

Real-time data processing is used to collect and process data in parallel to a machine’s operation to save time and data storage


Data Mining and

Data Mining in Manufacturing

What is data mining?

The process of the "Knowledge Discovery in Databases“

Enabled by improved computing power, increasing internet availability and decreasing of data storage cost

Data mining is a fast growing technology in many areas with great potential

Data mining effort in business, e-commerce and more


Data Mining in Manufacturing cont.

Vast amounts of data are available to be collected from manufacturing systems at different levels

From system-level to the operation-level with varying degrees of complexity

Data analysis can lead to

System and process optimization

Informed decision making

Data driven accurate predictions on many aspects:

Power consumption

Resource usage

Tool wear …


Example of Data Mining in Manufacturing

Image source: http://www.qualitydigest.com/sept06/articles/04_article.shtml


A real world data mining problem

A machine shop has two automatic milling machines.

Machines’ operation output data is in XML format. To improve the energy efficiency of the machines, operation data of power consumption and time stamps for each operation need to be extracted from the XML file. The extracted data will be calculated and then saved for analysis and comparison.

Find a solution in software for this problem

Save extracted data into a data file

Calculate the average power consumption of each operation

Display and write to an output file the elapsed time and the average power consumption of each operation