The mission of the Transportation Department is to support, sustain and enhance the economic
vitality and quality of life within Hennepin County by developing and maintaining a safe, efficient,
balanced and environmentally sound county transportation system.
We envision a Transportation Department whose members are respectful of one another and
the public we serve and are committed to the delivery of a safe, high-quality county highway
system. We are widely trusted and recognized for innovation, collaboration and the responsible
use of resources.
Customer Focus
Effective Responsible Service
Integrity & Trust
Respect for People
Innovation and Adaptability
Administration Division:
The mission of the Administration Division is to assure the effective delivery of transportation
related service in accordance with County Board policy and governing statues. This division is
responsible for communicating the goals of the Public Works Strategic Plan throughout the
department and for coordinating the many and varied activities to achieve those goals. This
division is also responsible for analysis of federal and state legislation and for recommending
courses of action to Public Works Administration.
Transportation Planning Division
The mission of the Transportation Planning Division is to plan and coordinate the development
of the county highway system to efficiently provide safe, convenient, and economical movement
of people and goods on the county highway system. This division is responsible for county
highway system planning, system information and data, project programming, development of
the highway Capital Improvement Program (CIP), review and analysis of proposed legislation
and intergovernmental coordination and analysis. Activities in the above areas include system
studies, plat reviews, revocation/designation of county highways, municipal coordination,
Minnesota Department of Transportation coordination, system inventory, general transportation
information, traffic flow map production, various in-house maps for items such as speed zones,
railroad crossings, etc., accident information and evaluation of safety improvements, traffic and
accident analysis including various traffic studies, federal project applications, legislative
reviews, administration of the state aid program and county aid to municipalities program,
participation in various technical and professional committees and production of the Hennepin
County highway map. Review and comment by the county is required on all proposed plats
adjacent to county roads prior to approval by the municipality.
Design Division
The mission of the Design Division is to prepare plans, specifications, cost estimates,
agreements, environmental reports and other necessary documents and data for road, bridge
and traffic signal projects to implement the highway capital improvement program; and to
inspect and inventory existing bridges and structures on the county’s highway system to ensure
the safety and welfare of the traveling public. This division is divided into four units. The
Preliminary and Detail Roadway Design Unit is responsible for preparation of preliminary
layouts, conceptual drawings, preliminary cost estimates, detail plans and detail cost estimates.
The Specifications and Agreements Unit is responsible for preparing construction specifications,
contract documents and construction cooperative agreements for assigned projects. The Traffic
Unit is responsible for preparation of signal lighting, interconnect and traffic control, and signing
plans; cost estimates; and construction specifications for assigned projects. The Bridge Design
Unit is responsible for preparation of bridge and structure plans, construction specifications, cost
estimates for assigned projects and bridge inspections. Inspections are conducted on bridges
located on county highways and on city streets and other roadways in municipalities that do not
have a city engineer. Structural engineering services are provided for other units in the
department when requested.
Construction Division
The mission of the Construction Division is to provide location, soils and construction surveys;
material testing; road and bridge inspection; and contract administration of the CIP to insure the
proper execution of contracts and to assure quality workmanship and materials.
Operations Division
The mission of the Operations Division is to operate and maintain the county roads, bridges and
traffic control devices in a manner that insures safe and convenient use of the transportation
system by the traveling public. Pavement repair and preventive maintenance strategies that
consist of surface patching, drainage maintenance and improvement, bituminous overlay and
bituminous crack sealing programs are implemented to optimize the service life of the roadway
system, providing a high quality, hazard free driving experience. Installation and maintenance of
traffic control devices that consist of traffic signs, pavement markings and traffic signals as well
as coordination of signalized intersections provide guidance and control of traffic. Prompt snow
and ice control measures assure safe travel during the winter season and allow uninterrupted
transportation of goods and services - supporting economic vitality. The Adopt-A-Highway
Program uses volunteer groups to pick up litter maintaining the aesthetics of the roadway
system while the transportation, utility and entrance permit systems safeguard the public’s
investment in the roadway system. Related work is performed for other county departments and