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5470 Godfrey Road
Nanaimo B.C
[email protected]
Familiar with a multitude of programming languages. Incredibly proficient
with C#, PHP,Visual Basic 6/VB.NET and Java, familiar with C/C++, D, and
Capable of creating Websites and website functionality with PHP or
ASP.NET, using both built-in capabilities as well as experience in various
libraries provided for that purpose, (such as CakePHP and DotNetNuke) as
well as creating client applications in C#, Visual Basic, and similar languages
that interoperate with the site using POST and GET Variables as well as
AJAX where the UI requirements demand it.
Gr.12 At Dover Bay Secondary- GPA 3.72
Self-taught and proficient in several applications and programming languages,
including The programming languages listed in “Summary of Qualifications”
and the additional applications/languages listed in “Skills & Abilities” Below
Able to troubleshoot and identify defective PC components, swap out
replacements, and reinstall, install, and upgrade appropriate driver software as
Familiar with the installation and maintenance of numerous Operating
Systems and System architectures, from 386-class machines to Classic
Macintosh machines to modern ia-64 based PCs, Windows, OS X and various
Linux distributions, including usage of the command line Shell (cmd and
Bash) where needed.
Familiar with various common web browsers and their operational and
implementation differences; from IE, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, to similar
projects such as Waterfox, Minefield, and Chromium.
Capable of setting up and maintaining LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) as well as SQL Server and IIS
servers utilizing ASP.NET for the back-end code.
"Outstanding achievement in programming and software development" (2004)
– Grade 11
"Outstanding achievement in programming and software development"
(2005) – Grade 12
Microsoft MVP Award (2012)
Summary of
Skills & Abilities
Awards received
Microsoft Visual Basic & VBA
Able to create and use ActiveX controls, ActiveX DLLs, and ActiveX Server
applications to create Database Front & Back-end components, separating the
business, user interface and database logic
Use the API extensively where required; wrap API functions into classes for
easy re-use.
Database access: DAO,ADO,RDO, and Access Automation. SQL queries
against different Data sources.
Able to create Windows application via both the Windows SDK as well as
Creation of DLL’s designed for use by Visual Basic Applications
Use of .NET/CLI to create Managed code components.
Familiar with Windows DDK & WDK, as well as the User-Mode Driver
Design, Implementation, and use of Class hierarchies to accomplish an
assortment of goals
Familiar with both Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation
(WPF), and GTK#.
Usage of P/Invoke to call C-style DLLs and the Windows API, as well as .so
libraries on Linux via Mono.
Familiar with the use of CodeDOM for dynamic compilation of assemblies.
Creation of games or other graphically rich applications using standard
Windows Forms & GDI+, WPF, or XNA Game Studio.
5470 Godfrey Road
Nanaimo B.C
[email protected]
Usage of conditional compilation to exploit newer 4.0 language features
while remaining code-compatible with previous versions of Visual Studio and
the framework where necessary or beneficial.
Designed, implemented, and currently maintain Content Management System
used on, as well as its content, on a frequent basis. This
involves usage and familiarity with HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, as well
as WordPress, which is used for the Blog component. CMS
Proficient with various Graphics-oriented tools, including Paint.NET, The
GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, And Photoshop CS5 as well as Adobe Illustrator And
Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash.
Able to diagnose and troubleshoot hardware, as well as software issues;
determine necessary replacement parts, and perform replacements and
installation of a variety of components, from add-on cards to hard drives,
memory, CMOS batteries, motherboards, CPU's, and cooling systems,
transferring systems to a new case.Including the installation and uninstallation
of necessary system software and drivers, for applicable scenarios.
Familiar with IBM PC compatible systems dating from the original model
5150 to today's Intel i7 architecture systems, and appropriate bus types for
systems ranging from the original ISA bus to today's high speed PCI-Express
bus types.
Able to work with Macintosh systems and software as well, including the
"classic" Macintosh Operating System as well as BSD-based OS-X.
familiar with a multitude of diagnostic applications that run on both windows
and Linux based machines, as well as creating CDs and DVDs that boot to
diagnostic environments to troubleshoot issues and isolate hardware and
software problems.
Able to diagnose and resolve issues with standard LAN setups, Wireless LAN
(from Wireless-a/b/g/n to technologies like bluetooth), and Modem issues, as
well as identify and resolve issues with router settings, such as port
forwarding, Virtual Server, and QoS configuration; familiar with the DDWRT custom firmware and installation on supported router models.
Nathan Emberton Owner/Operator/Administrator of ""
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: 801-232-8181
Microsoft ERL (Executive Recognition Letter) From Rich Kaplan