Rohan Gandhi Korlepara - University of Southern California

Rohan Gandhi Korlepara
Phone No: 213-400-8796
Email Id:
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Masters of Science, Computer Science
(GPA – 3.85) May 2012
National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India
Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communication
May 2008
Technical Skills:
Programming Languages
Networking Protocols
C/C++ (OOPS), Java, Perl, PHP, Socket Programming
J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets), SOAP & REST, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, jQuery, JSON
Junit, DBunit, Maven, Ant, Struts
MySql, Oracle 10.0
Eclipse, NetBeans, Wireshark, OPNET
SDE Intern – eBay Inc, San Jose
June 2011 to August 2011
Labeling Interface Project: (PHP, MySQL, Apache, jQuery, Teradata, GIT as SVN)
An internal eBay tool to increase the ranking of the eBay products based on a comparison algorithm.
 Developed the architecture model for the MySQL database.
 Developed UI using PHP/jQuery for the comparison of products under Natural and Paid searches along with the admin pages to
compare the results of the labeling done by the users.
 Written PHP code for cron job scripts, rating functionality for the products, graph plotting using flot, scrapping/storing data into
Software Developer - Amdocs DVCI, India
August 2008 to July 2010
Qpass (Amdocs Digital Commerce Division) which enables the buying and selling of digital goods and services over any network.
 Developing/re-factoring DDLs in OLTP, considering the backward compatibility.
 Developing/updating Persistence service layer by Using J2EE technologies.
 Writing/updating upper layer EJBs and UI on top of persistence layer to make it available throughout the code.
 Writing/updating Pure Unit Tests, integrations tests and DBunits for the code development.
 Profiling for the performance testing of changed or written code.
Grader – University of Southern California
Served as a Grader for the course Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines and assisted students with their projects.
Academic Projects:
Distributed Peer-to-Peer File Sharing System (C/C++, pThreads)
 Implemented a distributed anonymous file storage and retrieval application using various commands such as store, retrieve, join,
delete, get, search, status and check.
Socket Programming(C/C++, pThreads)
 Implemented a client server application where a user can query the server to get a file, filesize and IP address.
 Implemented M/M/2 queuing model with 2 servers having variable service rate µA and µB and a single stream of customers arriving
to the system according to a Poisson process with a variable rate.
Operating Systems (NachOS) (C++)
 Implemented Kernel Locks, Condition Variables, System Calls, page translation for handling page faults via Virtual Memory/
Inverted Page Table and tested them by simulating “Virtual Passport Office” as kernel program and a user program.
 Established RPC and other Networking features(election algorithm) making NachOS a distributed OS.
Search Engine Optimization (NUTCH) in JAVA – Freshness Policy  Implemented and did a comparative study of a few scheduling policies like Random URL, Uniform URL, and Adaptive Fetch
scheduling. Also evaluated the revisit policy of various search engines like Google and Bing.
Crawling the FBI’s vault dataset using Apache NUTCH –
 Collecting the dataset from the FBI’s website using the crawling technique in NUTCH from the provided keyword. Written a JAVA
code to extract the PDF files from the downloaded “Sequence File” binary format which has been downloaded by NUTCH.
Facebook Mashup Web Application using servlets, JSON, AJAX and PERL  Retrieved the details of the stocks entered by the user from the Yahoo Finance webpage in the table format and then upload any
one of the stock details to the users Facebook profile by using Facebook API's.
Content extraction and search using Apache Tika
 Given a corpus of PDF files, finding out how many times the keywords mentioned in the input file occurs in each file and also log
them accordingly for future use.
Leadership Activities:
 Executive member for the National Level Technical fest “Technozion” and “Spring Spree” for paper and poster
presentations and hospitality division respectively, conducted by NITW, for years 2006-2008.