WX Ramp Up Meeting Outcomes 1/22/10 Power Point

Vision: We will have a healthier and more robust CAP network at the
end of the two year Ramp up.
CAPAI ARRA Weatherization Meeting
January 22, 2010
Rick Burgin
Kary Burin
Mary Chant
Ron Corta
Derek Ferraro
Mark Fleming
Deb Hemmert
Dick Henry
Dale McGarvey
Claudia Most
Karen Perren
Ken Robinette
Ron Ruddell
Brad Simmons
Russ Spain
Larry Stamper
Lisa Stoddard
Kevin Viggers
Genie Sue Weppner
Randy Wright
Christina Zamora
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Vision: We will have a healthier and more robust CAP network at the
end of the two year Ramp up.
Executive Summary
The CAPAI agencies and IDHW met Friday morning, January 22nd, to review progress to
plan and evaluate any risks to achieving ARRA goals.
A potential risk to the project is the frequent, last minute requests for data from the Federal
agencies with various guidance on how to calculate the jobs created, dollars spent and units
completed. A single point of contact for ARRA data is the best solution.
The WITS development of a web-based application has been completed. CAPAI has asked
one agency to pilot their data migration to allow for any debugging in advance of the other
five agencies. SEICAA has agreed to be the pilot agency.
In the next step toward creating a more robust CAP network, there is a proposal for a
Weatherization Technical Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from each
agency. The proposal was approved.
Fiscal officers dialed in to discuss OMB reporting requirements. A candid discussion took
place on the challenges to track ARRA dollars associated with bulk inventory items. All
agencies have agreed to do whatever it takes to provide this data.
Energy Star rebates pose an insurmountable degree of complexity to comply with policies on
reinvesting the rebates or allowing the clients to claim them.
SEICAA described a program they are participating in: the Senior Employment Program.
Lead renovator “Firm” designation and its implications were discussed and further
investigation is advised.
Meeting Deliverables
Review two versions of ARRA numbers in reports
Provide WITS update and identify one agency to pilot
migration to the web
Decision to refer all requests for ARRA data to the Energy
Program manager or the Wx Ramp up Project Manager
SEICAA volunteered to pilot the WITS migration with
other agencies to follow; go live date is 3/15/10
Discuss Technical Advisory Committee proposal and
determine next steps
All agencies supported the TAC proposal and the
Executive Directors will nominate one or two
representatives from their agency by 1/31/10
Meeting Deliverables
Align on OMB ARRA Quarterly reporting process
Obtain buy-in for proposed timeline to assure
release of second 50% of ARRA
All agencies agreed to adopt fiscal practices that will allow
for the transparent monitoring of ARRA investment per
Agencies agreed to host monitoring and submit any
corrective actions in support of a timely and successful
DOE monitor visit
Lead Renovator “Firm” designation
The discussion generated several action items for followup by the Energy Program manager; a teleconference will
be scheduled to address remaining questions
Meeting Assessment
What went well
Wx managers’
Adult learning
techniques seminar
Lead renovator
What didn’t go well
Room size made it
difficult to hear
Not enough pineapple
at the buffet