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Nick Di Preta
Ms. McGrory
1. Describe three environmentally beneficial forms of exponential growth.
Exponential growth of most types of non-toxic fauna can be extremely beneficial to
the environment. Many types of plants spread thousands of seeds every year, allowing
for exponential growth; however, human activities are extremely detrimental to this
process. In a world where we are constantly degrading the earth’s resources, birth and
rebirth of fauna is welcomed.
Many forms of bacteria are especially beneficial to the environment; thus, their
exponential growth should be welcomed. As individual bacterial cells undergo a process
commonly known as binary fission, they replicate and spread. Bacteria help break down
organic fertilizers known as nitrates that can be taken up by plants. Bacteria are also
important for the production of human products such as fermentation processes,
antibiotics, and aging cheese.
Animal growth can also be a good things. Often times in the wild a population is
close to extinction. In the predatory ups and downs of hunter and hunted, the population
of the hunted animal becomes so close to extinction and the predator becomes so
prevalent that a growth of the hunted and decrease in the hunter occurs. When this
animal growth occurs, it is at an exponential rate favorable to the survival at the species.
Some geneticists insist that the reason that animals have multiple offspring compared to
the human’s singular offspring is that animals need to grow at a higher exponential rate to
2. A)
Forced stabilization of the population is never desirable. New consumers are,
however, never needed for the growth of an economy. Rather, new policies focused on
using resources better will bring new markets and goods into economy which will lead to
an overall economic growth.
No matter how great the technology, if we continue to degrade the earth’s
resource at our current rate, the world will eventually “run out” of resources. While
technology can help us to make better use of our resources, we cannot rely solely on
a) Agree. In many ways humans are very superior to other forms of life. Our capacity to
communicate and to reason sets us on a completely separate level from all other organisms.
However, that superiority doesn’t give us the right to destroy other beings, we must treat them
with equal compassion.
b) In many ways humans are in charge of the earth. While that authority is not explicitly
given to us, we exercise enough power through our superior intellect to convincingly control
almost every aspect of life on earth. Once again, it is important to realize that we have the power
and must use it wisely.
c) Economic growth is good, as long as its detriments don’t outweigh its benefits. For
example, if the economy grows but the environment is altered negatively, then economic growth
may not be worth it.
d) The value of each individual species is inherent. Each species is necessary to the
cycle of life and the overall structure of life in our environment. One extinction may lead to the
disruption of an entire food chain.
E) While it is true that eventually some, maybe all, species will become extinct, it is
important to keep in mind that when these extinctions occur because of a naturally selective
process, they often don’t end in catastrophic disruptions of food chains, as may happen if caused
by humans.
f) Yes all beings have an inherent right to exist. They are here and it is our duty to share
the planet with them.
g) No, nature is not unlimited. Many of our resources are dwindling because of such
thoughts. Non renewable and even renewable resources must be preserved because they take a
lot of time to renew.
h) Technology can save some but not all of our environmental problems. We must keep
in mind that technology most likely will not be able to replace all of our eliminated resources.
i) No, we all have an obligation to future generations, and as humans we have the duty to
leave them with at least as much as we had.
j) No, I know that I have an obligation as a human to support other species put on the
planet with me.