S1 HOMEWORK QUESTIONS: For S1 Test *Using the Technology*

HOMEWORK QUESTIONS: S2 Test Preparation - ‘Understanding the Technology’
The answers to these questions can be found in your Understanding the Technology
1 What are the physical parts of the computer called?
2 Suggest four input devices that you could use on your class computer.
3 State a common output device?
4 What is the special computer that stores all
usernames, passwords and software called?
5 Give two examples of devices that large files can be saved onto for later use.
6 What is a backup?
7 What are the two categories of software called?
8 What does RAM and ROM stand for?
9 State what is meant by a computer network.
10 What is a hardcopy?
11 Complete the following words….
L ________ C _________ D ________
W _______ I ________ M __________ P ___________
S2 Computing Homework Questions:
T_______ F ________ T ________________
D _______ V __________ D ______
12 Applications Software
Pupil Instructions: Complete the table below by choosing the appropriate software
applications package to go in front of the arrows.
Word Processing (Word)
Browser (Mozilla Firefox)
Spreadsheet (Excel)
Presentations (PowerPoint)
Applications on your computer:
These applications can:
Write a letter
Create a slideshow using graphics
Use the Internet
Work out calculations
Pupil Instructions: Place a cross in either the Applications or Systems columns below. The first two are
done for you.
Send correct signals to the monitor
Create a picture
Receive signals from the keyboard
Create a menu
Create a chart
Find out information on your favourite football team
Store documents on disc
Use a revision site to help with exams
Play a new game
Controls the input and output devices
Managing backing storage
Password security
S2 Computing Homework Questions: