ACL workshop description

Facilitator Name: Michael Jerabek
Proposed workshop name: Managing regulatory compliance risk/Your rights and obligations under
the Competition & Consumer Act 2010/Compliance-proofing YOUR business/’Am I doing the right
thing?’ workshop
Introduction / explanation of the Workshop:
As an SME you have both rights and obligations under the Competition & Consumer Act 2010, yet far
too often business owners and operators such as you inadvertently break the law and/or fail to
protect their business’ rights when dealing with customers, suppliers and competitors. The potential
financial, legal and reputational costs of non-compliance can be significant and lasting.
The workshop utilises an engaging combination of group discussion, self-assessment checklist,
powerpoint presentation and sufficient time for Q&A to help you identify gaps in your knowledge
that may pose a threat to you and your business. You will be given a comprehensive set of practical
resources free of charge as part of the workshop.
The outcomes from this workshop will enable you to:
Understand your SME’s rights and obligations
Identify areas which you need to address to avoid potential non-compliance costs
Rest easy, knowing that you have done what is required to protect your business
Understand the role of the ACCC and how it can help support your business
The topics covered will include:
Consumer guarantees
Misleading and deceptive conduct advertising and selling
Online trading & use of social media
Fair sales practices and unconscionable conduct
Business scams
Restrictive trade practices
Course Presenter
Michael Jerabek is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Education and
Engagement Manager for NSW and the ACT. One of Michael’s responsibilities in this role is
educating the business sector and consumer audiences about their rights and obligations under the
Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Prior to working for the ACCC, Michael worked for ASIC, the
Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW and the Australian Federal Police as well as a humanitarian aid
worker in a number countries helping to meet the needs of the disadvantaged and vulnerable. He
holds a commerce degree and postgraduate qualifications in ethics, law and adult education.