Math 1 Name Unit 1 Lesson 1 REVIEW The Peace Core Club at


Math 1

Unit 1 Lesson 1 REVIEW

Name _______________________________


The Peace Core Club at MHS is making and selling friendship bracelets as a fund-raiser. They haven’t agreed on a price to sell the bracelets because they first want to survey how many students would buy them for different prices. The results of the survey are below.

Price (dollars)

Bracelets Sold










50 a.

Name the independent and dependent variables in this situation. Support you answer with an explanation. b.

Plot the point on the provided grid. Make sure to label and scale appropriately. c.

Describe specifically as possible the pattern of change relating price per bracelet and number of bracelets sold. d.

According to the table or graph, estimate the following number of bracelets that will sell for the following prices.

$2.50 each _________________

$7.00 each __________________

$8.00 each __________________


Given that

N = number of bracelets sold


p = price per bracelet.

Jackson thinks the equation

N = 600 - 100P

is the correct equations to model this situation and Blake thinks

N = 800 – 100P

is the correct one. Which student has the correct equation and how do you know? f.

Based on the survey, what price should the Peace Core sell their bracelets for to make the highest income? Show/Explain your work. (Hint: make a table of (price, income) to help) g.

What price should the club definitely not use to sell their bracelets? Explain.


What is the rule (equation) we would use to calculate time?


In the morning you and your family are driving to West Mifflin, PA for a fun day at Kennywood. You asked your parents how many hours it will take to get there. They respond by saying they know

Kennywood is 150 miles away, but the time it takes depends on their average speed of the trip. For examples if they drive at an average of 50 mph, they will get there in 3 hours. a.

Complete the following table of times depending on speed.

Average speed (m/hour)

Race Time (sec)

25 35 45 55 65 b.

Plot the data on the provided graph. Make sure to label and scale appropriately.


Describe the shape and pattern of change relating

average speed




4. Solve the following equations for x. a.

5x – 3 = -6x +30 b.

0 = 7x + 63 c.


2 𝑥 − 5 = 10