Higher Biology & Environmental Science

Environmental Science
The Assignment
• You will have to investigate a relevant topic in
biology/environmental science and
communicate your research findings in a
report. This must relate to a key area of the
Higher Biology/Environmental Science Course.
• Worth 20 marks out of a total of 120 marks
(the final exam is worth 100 marks),
• Marked by the SQA.
The Assignment consists of 2 stages:
Research Stage
Select sufficient sources of
information/data that:
- are relevant:
- are reliable:
-have similar/different perspectives:
Information/data could include raw
data from an experiment/practical
activity, extracted tables, graphs,
diagrams and text.
Record the sources you have used with
enough detail to allow someone else to
find them again. If one of the sources is
an experiment/practical activity, then
you need to record the title and the
Communication Stage
You need to write a report under exam
You can only use information/data that
you have collected from your research.
This may include, for example:
statistical, graphical, numerical or
experimental data; data/information
from the internet; published articles or
extracts; notes taken from a visit or
talk; or notes taken from a written or
audio-visual source, but it cannot
include a prepared draft report.
As a guide, your report should be 800–
1500 words, excluding tables, charts
and diagrams.
You will be issued with a detailed
guide to help you complete both
stages of the Assignment.......
Make a list of
positive and
ways in
which insects
impact on
Assignment Titles
Insects as a Potential Food
Insects and their Impact on
the Human Population.
Insects as a
Potential Food Source
Focus Questions
Insects and their Impact
on the Human Population.
Could entomophagy address food security
What impact could climate change have
on the incidence of malaria?
What is the nutritional value of
How do insects impact on intensive
salmon production?
What are the issues surrounding using
insects for human consumption?
How do insects impact on crop yield?
Could insects be used as pest
management in intensive arable
What role could insects play in famine
Could insects be used as a feed source in
intensive poultry production?
Could insects be used as a feed source in
intensive fish farming?
How can edible insect resources be
conserved and managed?
• Choose a focus question. You
may have ideas for focus
questions of your own. If so,
check that it fits the remit
with your teacher.
• Read the ‘Instructions for
Candidates’ booklet carefully.
You MUST follow the advice
• Start your research. Most of
this will be done in your own
time. Give yourself plenty of
time to do this – its
Time to get busy.
Deadline Dates
• The Research
stage should be
completed by
• The
Stage will be on