Paul D. Millsap Infigen Energy Control Center

Paul D. Millsap
Infigen Energy Control Center Manager
Objective: To Manage and Direct a System Operations Control Center in accordance to
the Reliability and Security of the Electrical Grid in The United States; Apply 32 years of
Electrical Utility Experience in System Operations and Training Management.
Applied Science Degree in Electrical Technology; Northlake College Dallas TX
Bachelors in Business Management; LeTourneau University Ft. Worth TX
Education Professor in Electrical Technology at Northlake College 2003-2004 (part time)
Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) certification
NERC RC certification #RA200310144
Dallas County Electrical Certification Northlake College
Multiple CEU’s in Training, Management Supervision, Cost Awareness and Production
32 years total electrical experience in Substation & Transmission design and
maintenance, EMS control systems, Grid Controller, System restoration (Black Start)
trainer for Texas largest utility and Lead training on the OTS/EMS system at TXU.
Experienced in Multiple Operating Systems, Energy Schedules, Resource Plans and
System Congestion.
ERCOT Reliability and System Security Operations specializing in Frequency Control,
Energy Schedules, Load, Generation, Forecasting Short Term load, Long Term load,
System Congestion, Grid Reliability, System Control Error, Area Control Error,
Interchange transactions, DC ties, Market Operating Interface, Power Operating System
Work History: (24 years of service with TXU/Oncor/Luminant) 1981-2004
1981-1984 Senior for TXU in Substation/Transmission installation and maintenance.
1984-1994 Grid System Controller for TXU advanced to Senior Controller with
commendable recommendation. (Promoted to Lead Control Center Specialist).
1994-2004 Control Center Specialist, Training Coordinator for 120 plus Grid
Controllers at TXU.
Duties involved factory testing and implementing a new Energy Management System
controlling over 1000 substations system wide, Annual System Restoration Training and
NERC Certification Training, Training Schedules, Documentation, NERC Course
2004 -2011 (7 years of service ERCOT Real-time operations)
Reliability & Security Coordinator at ERCOT
ERCOT Grid operations: Frequency Control and Interchange Schedules working in
coordination with Hour Ahead Desk, Transmission Security and Day Ahead Desk. Power
set up of Control Systems; Responsible for Energy schedules, Resource plans, Ancillary
Services, Interruptible Customers plus all QSE functions. Preparation for NODAL in
2009. OATI, MMI, MOI, Portal, N-Market, EMS interface.
Education Certificates in Train the Trainer, Production Control, Cost Awareness,
Electrical Prints Phase 1 and 2. Plus multiple certifications….
Certified TXU 4 year Substation Progression training program.
Certified in TXU 2 year System Operations training program.
Control Center Manager INFIGEN Energy Dallas TX
One of the world leaders in Wind Energy with a portfolio of over 2000 MWs. in US and
Australia. ERCOT Sweetwater 1-5 plus…
Responsible for all Real-time actions and schedules with 10 plus system operators in a
Real-time GO/TO System Operations Control Center.
Control Center required to have NERC RC certified operators and PJM certifications that
comply with NERC standards and training guidelines with PER-002 and PER-005
compliance and regulatory mandates.
Responsible for all training requirements and certifications and reporting/documentation
utilizing ERCOT/EPRI/NERC/PJM and SOS training material for all operators to be
Implementation of NERC/TRE approved compliance training program.
Power scheduling Transmission Operational requirements in ERCOT, WECC, CALISO,
MISO, PJM areas. Operational requirements in 3 of the 4 Interconnects across the nation.
Working relationships with TRE/PUC in ERCOT
Represents Infigen Energy with all associated Reliability entities and meeting
Personal Accomplishments in Employee Developmental Growth
Degree in Electrical Technology Science
Degree in Business Management
32 years ERCOT Generation, Transmission & Distribution experience
Supervisory and Management experience with Direct reports to the VP
Paul D. Millsap DFW
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