completed map questions

Examine the Mt. Rainier map:
1. Examine the map and consider:
a. Where is the highest-elevation point in the map area? (give general
b. What are the visual clues on the map that “led” you to that point as
the highest? Describe all features that are related to that as the
highest point; include a description of relevant map symbols that you
c. How high is that point?
2. Examine the streams in the area. (Geologically, ‘stream’ refers to any
channelized flow: rivers, creeks, streams, etc.)
a. Where does the water in those streams come from? (Where does
water in any stream come from?)
b. What is the relationship of streams to the highest point that you
identified in question 1? Describe the relationship, and also sketch
the pattern/ location of some streams: mark the location of the
highest point with an “X”, and use blue pencil to indicate the streams.
Examine the Washington map:
3. Consider how we have needed to correlate information and locations on
different maps previously. What is the relationship of this map to the Mt.
Rainier map (be specific)?
How can you tell the relationship between the two maps?
4. Can you locate the high point (of question 1) on this map?
a. What evidence on the map allows you to identify it? (Describe it.)
b. Sketch the map area that includes that highest point, including all
features that are present; mark the high point with an ‘X’.
5. What geotectonic environment is represented by this region? (additional
resources are available to answer this)
6. List the evidence on this map that is related to that geotectonic
environment, and explain how it is related.
7. What additional, specific characteristics of the area would you expect to
find, based on the geotectonic environment?