Whole group strategy sessions

A fresh approach to reading
comprehension and much more,
for Grades PreK-2+!
Effective COMPREHENSION Resources
Include a variety of instructional approaches
Cover key comprehension strategies
Use engaging texts
Apply the strategies across text structures
Use the gradual release model
The new cat is in town!
The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model
Engaging Whole Class Instruction through
Instructional Read Aloud and Interactive Shared Reading
Small Group/Guided Reading Instruction
Independent Practice
Model for Teaching
Comprehension Strategies
Improves comprehension and much more!
Grades PreK-2+
•Whole group strategy sessions (read aloud, shared
and reciprocal teaching)
•Access and exposure to a wide variety of text
•Demonstration and practice of strategies across
Program Components
Assessment and Support Guide
 Whole Group Strategy Sessions
 Leveled Books
 Interactive CD-ROM
Each of the above components is available for Emergent, Early, or
Early/Fluent developmental levels.
Whole Group Strategy Sessions
Comprehension strategyfocused whole group
 Each grade level kit includes
8 strategy folders with
lessons for instructional
read-alouds, shared reading,
modeled reciprocal teaching,
and “target talk”
 Incorporates interactive,
electronic texts into
meaningful instruction
Determining important ideas
and information
Making Connections
Inferring, synthesizing, and
Using text structure and text
Whole Group Interactive Texts CD
For use with Shared Reading lessons found in each
level of the Whole Group Strategy Sessions Kit.
Use in lieu of overhead transparencies if you have an
LCD projector or an interactive whiteboard.
Engages students and makes shared reading more
interactive with tools such as highlighting, masking,
and annotating.
Whole Group Interactive Texts CD
Guided Reading Levels A-P
What makes them unique?
Text types/genres
Fresh, new, engaging
Built-in instructional support (lesson
plan and reading response page)
Embedded Instructional Support
- a small group lesson in every book
Included at the back of each book
Provides clear objective and focus
Encourages students to apply key
comprehension strategies
Includes curriculum links and
word count
Reading Response Page
for summarizing, retelling, and
checking & reinforcing comprehension
Wide Range of Text Types
•Wordless books
•Traditional Story
•Science Fiction
•Humorous Narrative
Big Cat Interactive CD-ROM
Talking books
Active books
Electronic big books
Clip Art Library
Book Review/Evaluation
User Guide
Talking Books
Talking Books
Audio/visual books – texts from the Big Cat
3 follow-up activities per book sequencing, matching, sentence building/ supported
Star Page – reading response – free
Active Books – build-a-book
Active Books
Create your own story
– Big Cat’s Party
– Strange Pet Shop
– Travel Writer
Making choices and determining outcomes
Print for take-home
E-Big Books
E-Big Books
Electronic version of Big Books in print
Whole or small group teaching
Skills/objectives in Teacher Notes
Clip Art Library
Clip Art Library
Import into interactive whiteboard gallery
Make your own lesson/activity with Big
Cat related theme (vocabulary, word work or
letter/sound work, writing, sequencing, retelling)
Import into Microsoft Word
Book Review
Print out for students to evaluate/review books
User Guide
Read for instructions and teaching tips in
relation to the Big Cat Interactive CD-ROM
Big Cat Q & A
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