In the name of the Most Worshipful Donald A. Campbell, Grand

In the name of the Most Worshipful Donald A. Campbell, Grand Master
of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in
the Province of Ontario, I thank _________________________
_________________________, for those kind words and the Toast to Grand
Worshipful Master, R.W. Bro. District Deputy Grand Master[s],
Candidate of the evening, Distinguished Head Table, Brethren,
“Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great
equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social
As the Entered Apprentice Degree as a whole, is symbolic of infancy
and youth; a period of learning fundamentals; a beginning, so the
Fellowcraft Degree is emblematic of manhood. But it is manhood of
continued schooling; of renewed research; of further instruction. The
Fellowcraft has passed his early Masonic youth, but he lacks the
wisdom of age which he can attain only by use of the teachings of his
first degree, broadened, strengthened, added to, by those experiences
which come to men as distinguished from children.2
This evening in lodge we will see Bro. D’Agastino passed to the
Second Degree of Masonry. The Fellowcraft Degree is a call to
learning, promoting an urge to study. In the ceremony it becomes the
glorification of education. Education is said to be what we remember
after we have forgotten everything we have been taught. We seek
knowledge in life, but we live wisdom. The Fellowcraft Degree more
than any other piece in Masonry mirrors life.
With the Fellowcraft Degree the Entered Apprentice is passing from
adolescence to manhood. Many tribes and cultures in our world
practice this same ritual. Before being accepted into manhood we
Horace Mann
Introduction to the Fellowcraft Degree, Masonic Education Course Part Two “THE FELLOWCRAFT” 2009
must prove ourselves skilled enough to handle the labours. Lessons
learned in our youth, become lessons applied in life. Throughout the
degree the words, ‘to teach you’, are heard. To pursue the liberal arts
and sciences as our future study promotes the goal of teaching us how
to live and know our boundaries. The purpose of this education is to
aid and assist the brother in the building of his Temple to God by
learning to use his own skills and tools. Copy what to you is good,
correct things you see as bad. Learn that God is pleased by your
internal not external values. Continue to pursue your own education
while learning to handle the uneducated. Take no joy in seeing
someone suffer from their ignorance. Warn them of the dangers they
face from the lessons you have learned. As a true mason, he must be
compassionate and charitable to those in real need. All of this is
accomplished only through learning.
The Candidate learns that the tools we need in life lie right before us
in open lodge, if we know where to look and what we are looking for.
He is to try and adjust, try and prove, adjust and fix his life and fix
himself to the proper base. That proper base is the Furniture of our
lodges. The author exposed by certain Hebrew characters and is
found in the center of the building.
He is admonished, as we all were, to pursue this education as a
lifelong quest.
Brethren, there has been a renewed interest in Freemasonry. Books
and films have triggered that curiosity and men whose forefathers
were Masons are seeking those timeless values and longstanding
traditions for which our noble Craft is known: self- improvement, a
sense of fraternity, community involvement and the betterment of the
society in which they live, work, and raise families. We make
substantial claims about Masonry in our ritual; we reference “famous”
members in our PR materials at Lodge websites, and align ourselves
with its magnificent philosophies in our ancient Charges. The
challenge is living up to them. Education is a continuous process, and
we encourage everyone to make a daily advancement.
Masonic Education is a priority of our Grand Lodge: to get meaningful
lessons about our History, Philosophy and Symbolism into the Lodge
Room and to the brethren within our Districts.
There is an abundance of material at Grand Lodge’s website to
facilitate this, and we hope all of you have activated your members’
access. Your ID for those who do not know is the number imposed on
the Right hand pillar of your Grand Lodge Certificate.
The College of Freemasonry has revamped its courses in a modular
format so you can now enroll for single modules for as little as $10.00.
The Masonic Arts & Science Course, and the Aspiring Worshipful
Master’s Course, are all in that same modular format.
The mandatory DDGM Preparation course is now called The Past
Master’s Course. Brethren, the progressive nature of Masonry is
designed to offer learning opportunities at all stages of our journey.
Let us, with all the zeal and enthusiasm required, aim to inspire and
instill those important lessons that are unique to Freemasonry. We
owe that to our predecessors who have left us a magnificent legacy, a
noble institution which all of society can once again admire and hold
in its highest esteem. For the 2nd and 3rd generation of Masons who
have seen the living embodiment of Freemasonry in their families and
communities, we need to be good sponsors, better Mentors, and
display model leadership, worthy of emulation by all of our members. A
strategic theme of Grand Lodge’s five-year plan is “Building the future
vitality of Freemasonry one man at a time”. Let us be mindful of the
great arsenal of information readily available to each and every one of
us. All this, my brothers, will strengthen the individual Mason, our
Lodges, Districts, and support your Grand Lodge.3
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change
the world.4
The District Chairman for Masonic Education is R. W. Bro. Robert
Murdock and I encourage you and all lodges to utilize his office and I
thank him for his offer to serve in this capacity.
Grand Lodge talking notes for DDGMs
Nelson Mandella
In closing I would like to ask each one of you this evening to pay
particular attention to the words of the degree. Focus tonight on the
furniture of Tottenham lodge, the Author and His purpose for revealing
the Word to us. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, thank you.