Baroque Period

• Religion played an important part in European
• Until the Baroque Period, the Catholic Church was
the only religious power in Europe.
• Martin Luther challenged the teachings of the
Catholic Church, marking the beginning the
Reformation (Lutheran tradition).
The Catholic Church countered the Reformation and demonstrated
its power by building St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, Italy.
St. Peter’s Cathedral,
with this great dome,
is considered one of
the architectural
masterpieces of the
Baroque period in
Sketch this dome in
your notes.
If you are standing inside the dome looking up
this is what you see. Observe carefully and write
five statements about the dome in your notes.
• Architecture was influenced by the wealth
and splendor of kingdoms in Europe.
• Important buildings of the Baroque Period
are often identified by their rounded arches,
domes, carved or painted ceilings, and
accents painted in real gold.
This is inside St. Peter’s Cathedral again.
Notice the highly decorated walls.
In your notes, sketch the arches and some of the
carved ornaments (decorations) around them.
King Louis XIV of France built the Chateau de Versailles
during the Baroque period as a monument to himself. There
are 1000 rooms in this palace and grand gardens on the other
side. Every year millions of people visit Versailles.
This photo was taken
looking through the doors
of the second floor
balcony of the chapel in
the Chateau de Versailles.
In your notes, write four
characteristics of Baroque
architecture shown in the
Baroque furniture
styles were similar
to the architecture.
In your notes,
write three
characteristics of
this table that
would make you
think it was
designed during the
Baroque period.
Sketch the table
In your notes, sketch
or describe this chair.
Would you expect to see
this chair at
Chateau de Versailles or in
St. Peter’s Cathedral?
Explain your answer.
• Many artists of the Baroque Period
were accomplished in several art forms
such as painting, sculpture, and interior
designs of buildings.
Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Rembrandt is known
for the portraits he
painted. This is one
of the hundred selfportraits he painted.
In your notes, write
three details of his
clothing that would
make you think it was
worn during the
Baroque period.
Peter Paul Rubens
In your
notes, write
3 sentences
to describe
what you
Gianlorenzo Bernini
Bernini is known
as a painter,
sculptor, and
This is his most
famous fountain,
Fountain of the
Four Rivers,
located in Rome,
Would you trade your living conditions
with someone from the Baroque period?
No indoor plumbing.
No ovens.
No dishwashers.
No furnaces.
No washers and dryers.
No school.
• Only Royalty were able to
hire tutors and a governess
for their children.
• Travel was very slow for
everyone, so people don’t
go far. Maximum speed
was 8 miles per hour. At
that rate, it would take 6
hours to travel from
school to St. Cloud.
Baroque Review
1. Give the dates of the Baroque Period.
2. What does “Baroque” mean?
3. Name the three countries considered “super
powers” of this time.
4. Name the three classes of people in this time.
Baroque Review continued
5. Describe the clothing worn by the wealthiest
people, and what types of activities they could
do when wearing it.
6. Who started the fashion trend of wigs for men?
7. The Catholic Church was a very powerful
religion at the start of the Baroque period. What
happened to challenge this position of power?
8. How did the Catholic church respond to this
Baroque Review continued
9. List three features of architecture created during
this time.
10. Describe characteristics of a portrait painted
during the Baroque.
11. Describe characteristics of sculpture created
during the Baroque.
12. Name three inventions or improvements that
make our lives more comfortable than living
conditions during the Baroque era.