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Baroque Review
Music Appreciation
Mr. Cunningham
Name: _______________________________ Date: _____________
1. The Baroque period was from _____________ - ____________.
2. The two most important composers of the Baroque period were
_____________ & ____________. (2)
3. The most important family of instruments in the Baroque period was
the _______________ family.
4. The Baroque period spawned ____________, a drama sung to
orchestral accompaniment.
5. For the first time during the late Baroque, ___________________
music became as important as vocal music.
6. In the Baroque era, Medieval Church Modes gave way to
__________________ & __________________ scales.
7. A new emphasis on chords resulted in an accompaniment style called
______________ _________.
8. The main keyboard instruments of the Baroque period were the
__________________ & __________________.
9. A __________________ is a piece that sounds fairly complete and
independent but is part of a larger composition.
10. An ________________ is a song for solo voice with orchestral
accompaniment. (Usually form an opera)
11. A _________________ is a polyphonic composition based on one
main theme called a subject. (We listened to a piece like this by Bach)