The Mat

the Moscow Art Theatre
by Bogomolny Dmitry
The Educational Center № 1601
the 7th form
The beginning
The beginning of the Moscow Art Theatre meeting of its founders believe Konstantin Sergeyevich
Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko at the restaurant "Slavic Bazaar" June 19,
1897. The name "Art-open" theater wore long. In 1901 the name was removed the word "public",
but focus on the democratic audience remained one of the principles of the Moscow Art Theater.
At the head of a public Art Theatre were: VI Nemirovich-Danchenko - Managing Director and
Stanislavsky - director and chief director. The basis of the company were the pupils Drama
Department of Music and Drama School of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, where he taught
acting VI Nemirovich-Danchenko and members of performances staged by Stanislavsky in the
"Society of Lovers of art and literature ': actress MF Andreeva , MP Lilina, Knipper, M. G.
Savitskaya, MA Samarova actors and Artem (AR Artemiev), GS Burdzhalov, A. Sanin, W. E .
The Moscow Art Theatre opened 14 (26) October 1898 premiere of "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich," by
Alexei Tolstoy. January 26, 1901 was held on the anniversary, one hundredth, representation. The
archive of Stanislavski survived the following entries: "The success of" King Theodore "was so
great that relatively soon celebrate its one hundredth had representation. Celebration, pomp,
enthusiastic article, many valuable gifts, addresses, loud standing ovation showed that the theater
in a certain section of the press and the audience was loved and popular. " Another product of
Tolstoy - the tragedy of "Death of Ivan the Terrible" - was first given at the scene MAT September
29, 1899, Grozny was playing Stanislavsky.
The Moscow Art Theatre opened 14 (26) October 1898
The legendary premiere of the play Chekhov's "Seagull" at the Arts
Theatre on December 17, 1898.
The first four seasons (1898-1902) gave theater performances in a
rented theater Y.Shchukin, "Hermitage" garden "Hermitage" in Karetny
Series. Commercial hall capacity815 seats. By the third season it
became clear that the theater needed a completely different building
Contrary to the theatrical practice of the time, the Moscow Art
Theater to premiere eachcreated new sets and did not use the old
The end