Classroom Rules & Procedures
Be prompt
Be ready to learn when class begins.
Be prepared
Have materials with you and know due dates.
Be a polite and positive participant
Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.
Be productive
Turn in work on time, and always do your best.
Be a problem solver
Work to solve your own problems as they arise.
I will BE A SUPER teacher!
I will trust you until you give me reason not to.
I will respect you and work with you to solve problems.
I will work WITH you to meet learning goals. (But, I will not do it FOR
I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require
them IF you have done your best. (NOT if you made bad choices.)
In summary, I will not work harder for your grade than you do……..it is
YOUR brain, YOUR grade, and YOUR future!
Classroom policies
For the safety of electronics and other property, food and beverages are
not allowed in the classroom. It is important to have a clean, neat work
environment free of food, beverages, and clutter.
Please be in your seat when the bell rings, so we can begin. You
ALWAYS have something to do……..it is NEVER a good time to walk
around, visit, and waste time. PREPARE for your day!
Assignments with grades of less than 70 can be corrected and
resubmitted for a grade of UP TO 70 if returned within the week.
When you leave early or are absent, look at the weekly assignment
board and ask classmates for assignments. Each absence has a oneday grace period for each day missed.
All items for me need to go in my “IN BOX” as designated. This includes,
notes, forms, etc.. But, this is not the place for homework, classwork, or
PowerPoint picture page
Grades are based on the accumulation of points.
Grading Scale
• 90-100% = A
Points are based on:
• 80-89%
Class participation (effort)
• 75-79%
Completion of assignments
(daily work)
Major projects, exams, and
self-reflection (including ISN’s)
Grades are posted online and updated on
Skyward every Thursday.
• 70-74%
• Below 60% = F
Grades are calculated
on cumulative
percentage and are
rounded up whenever
Use of templates
You are free to use these templates for your personal
and business presentations.
We have put a lot of work into developing all these templates and retain the copyright
in them. They are not Open Source templates. You can use them freely providing
that you do not redistribute or sell them.
 Use these templates for your
 Resell or distribute these templates
 Put these templates on a website for
 Display your presentation on a web
download. This includes uploading
site provided that it is not for the
them onto file sharing networks like
purpose of downloading the template.
Slideshare, Myspace, Facebook, bit
 If you like these templates, we would
torrent etc
always appreciate a link back to our
 Pass off any of our created content as
website. Many thanks.
your own work
You can find many more free templates on the
Presentation Magazine website