Creative Europe Desk
08.06.2015, Spīķeri Concert Hall, Riga, Latvia
Creative Europe Desk
The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS)
supports research, innovation, education and
culture in Iceland. Horizon 20/20, Erasmus +,
Nordplus, Creative Europe and more
international and domestic fund.
Overall results In 2015 - projects in Media and
Culture have received 900.000€
Success Stories of the EU “Culture”
and “Creative Europe” programme
Urban heat - description
Project leader: Theatre limited from UK with
partners from: LV SL IT IS EE DE NL PL
Icelandic partner: LOKAL Performing Art festival
4 year project developed by the Festivals in
Transition (FIT), network of 13 international
festival partners. Enables artists to engage with
invisible communities in cities, and supports
artists to reconnect with the world outside the
arts by social engagement through contemporary
performing arts.
Urban heat
Lókal the Icelandic annual performing arts
festival receives 65.000 € associate partner is
Reykjavik Dance Festival
Success factor: An established experience in the
field. The network „On the Move“ has been
working together for 15 years and received
network funding. The CE support is € 980.864,47
Follow the Vikings
Project leader: Shetland Amenity Trust
14 partners: UK IE SE IS DK FI NO ES
11 associate partners (13 countries in all)
Icelandic partner: Saga Trail is a forum for collaboration
and consultation for those involved in history- and
saga-related tourism in Iceland. The association focus
on the heritage of medieval Icelandic literature, the
first centuries of Iceland’s history and medieval
culture, i.e. the period from the settlement around
870 until 1550.
Follow the Vikings partners
Shetland Amenity Trust and York Archaeological
Trust, UK
Waterford Museum and Dublinia, Ireland
Ab Bengtskär Oy, Finland
Concello de Catoira, Spain
Lofotr Viking Museum, Vikingveien in Vestfold,
Avaldsnesprojekt and Sør Troms Museum, Norway
National Museum of Denmark and Museum
Vestsjaelland Denmark
Iceland Saga Trail Association, Iceland
City of Upplands Väsby, Sweden
The viking heritage – its impact on culture and
innovation. Celebrates Viking heritage in Europe.
• training volunteers at a local level - skills exchange.
• raise the visibility of the Council of Europe’s Viking
Cultural Route
• to develop audiences - a variety of new technologies,
• build business models - sharing best practice
• strengthen the international network of professionals and
institutions working in the field of viking heritage.
Output – Follow the Vikings
The main component of the project is the
creation of a viking roadshow visiting 12 key
viking locations throughout Europe and
culminating in central Europe, with
demonstrations of viking crafts,arts, games,
and shows combining drama, poetry, stories,
music, dance etc. Bringing local participation
and youth engagement.
Follow the Vikings
Success factor – the partners have worked
toghether before in the viking area and this
application was their fourth that they sent in
and finally received funding 1.96 million €.
The Icelandic partner Saga trail receives
Most active cultural operators
The Federation of Icelandic Artists, BÍ has been our medium through the
years to reach the various fields of artists.
Close co-operation with the Ministry of
education and culture.
All strands in culture are fully aware of Creative
Europe programme.
Erasmus + - Nordic co-operation and EEA grants
Creative Europe Desk
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