100318 Crucible

Thew Thursday
Wrap up Crucible discussion
How to take an essay test
A Guide to Writing the Timed Essay
Academic Vocabulary/Ways to Respond to a
Preview essay questions—test tomorrow!
8 Steps for analyzing a writing prompt
Essay Test Format: THESIS
Answers question
Previews Main Points
in an essay test, there is no need for an
attention getter or background
Essay Test Format: Body
Topic Sentences directly address Thesis
Support from the text is specific
If using the text is allowed, it must be cited
e.g., (Miller 25).
If using the text is allowed, each body
paragraph needs at least one quotation.
Essay Test Format: Conclusion
Restates Thesis
Concludes argument
Assessment for The Crucible
Answer each of these prompts in its own
essay. You must use support from the text
to explain your ideas.
1. Explain how one character or event in the
play illustrates the definition of “crucible”.
2. In what ways the play a tragedy? How is
John Proctor a tragic hero?
1. What am I supposed to do as a
writer when I respond to this prompt?
Does the prompt ask me to make an
argument, inform my readers about a
particular issue, or describe an event?
Do I have to explain the significance of a
particular topic?
If you don’t understand what you are being
asked to do, seek clarification.
2. What am I expected to cover in this
What content should I include?
3. From which perspective or persona
am I being asked to write this paper?
Does the prompt ask me to speak from a
certain perspective?
Should I write this paper as an ordinary
student or someone else?
Some prompts will ask you to take on the
persona of celebrities, leaders,
government officials, and so on.
4. Who is my audience?
To whom am I writing this paper (an
organization, the mayor, a city council
member, or some other individual or
What language is most appropriate for my
What does my audience know and/or
5. What type of text am I being asked
to write?
Am I being asked to write a business letter
or a personal statement? A book review?
You might want to ask your teacher about
the writing type expected, and ask
specifically how to organize the content.
6. Does the prompt ask me to use sources?
If so, what sources should I use?
 Does the prompt specify whether sources should
be primary (e.g., speeches, interviews,
autobiographies, etc.) or secondary (e.g.,
biographies, analyses, or commentaries on
events, ideas, people, etc.)?
 What types of sources are appropriate? They
may be magazine or journal articles, films, or
other source material.
 How many different types of sources should I
7. Does the prompt tell me to focus on
a specific text?
What does the prompt ask me to
How should I focus my analysis?
How many elements and/or strategies am
I being asked to analyze.
8.Are there clues in the prompt that
will help me organize my paper?
Does the prompt use transition words?
Is there a series of questions to consider?
Does it make sense to discuss a specific
portion of the prompt first, second, and