Guiding Questions

Guiding Questions
Unit 3: Woll
Party Government and Divided We Govern
Party Government
E.E. Schattschneider
1. How does the author illustrate that the relationship between the Constitution and political parties is an
“unhappy marriage?”
2. Explain how the author builds a case for his so-called “law of the imperfect political mobilization of
Divided We Govern
David R. Mayhew
3. The author discusses five questions about unified (UNI) vs. divided (DIV) party control. Briefly provide his
conclusion about the effect of party government on the area noted.
#1 – Even if laws are enacted under DIV, aren’t they worse laws?
#2 – Even if important and good laws are made by DIV, what about program “coherence?”
#3 – Doesn’t the administration get hindered by the push-and-pull of DIV?
#4 – Does the conduct of foreign policy suffer under DIV?
#5 – Are lower income people served better under DIV?
4. What conclusion does the author come to about whether party control makes a difference in the policies
and performance of government? How does this tie-in to his comment on reforming the separation of
powers system?