Genetics Review on Chromebook (Punnetts and Pedigrees)

Genetics (Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses and Pedigrees)
Chromebook Review
I. Go to:
practice.html and take the quiz. What was your score? ____________________
II. Go to
A. Click on Flash Cards and go through the flash cards. Write down any five cards (and their flip
sides that you had difficulty with):
B. Click on Scatter. Play Scatter. My time on the first trial was: _________________________
Try again. My time on the second trial was: ______________________________
C. Click on Test. Choose Written and Multiple Choice. Make a 20 question test.
-My score on the test was ______________/20
III. Go to
A. Click on Test. Select “Written”, “Term” and 10-question test. Complete the test.
-Use the Punnetts below to help you answer the questions.
-My score on the test was ______________/10