ON A ROLL - Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Language Arts:
During May and June, we will
begin working in our new unit
“Under the Sea.” The purpose
of this unit theme is to provide
the children with the opportunity
to learn about the oceans and
the life in and around them.
Students will continue journal
writing and reading decodable
books by using their letter
sounds and high frequency
words. We will continue working
with phoneme replacement,
replacing both initial and final
sounds of a word. The students
will also continue working on
phoneme segmentation, which is
identifying the sounds within a
In mathematics, the students
will work on exploring and
discussing time concepts. They
will discuss and compare the
length of time using the words
more or less. We will order
parts of the day; morning,
afternoon, evening, and use this
knowledge to sequence events.
They will discuss parts of the
calendar, order the days of the
week and gain understanding of
today, tomorrow, and yesterday.
Toward the end of the year the
students will collect and organize
data in a graph to answer
In Science, the students will
begin to explore plants and
animals. The students will learn
to recognize the differences
between the many plants, the
parts of plants, and life cycles.
We will also be learning about
animals. The students will
compare and classify animals
and their homes as well as pets
and their needs to survive.
Social Studies:
In Social Studies, we will
conclude our unit on families,
homes, need, and wants. The
rest of the year we will focus on
preparing for first grade through
class discussions and a visit to
the first grade classrooms.
Up and coming important dates
for kindergarten:
Conferences- May 27th and 28th
First Grade
Language Arts:
During the month of May
students will continue to refine
their ability to spell words more
accurately by reviewing soundspelling cards. Students will
begin to define and understand
persuasive writing. They will
also finish up their last two Open
Court Units entitled, “Being
Afraid” and “Homes.”
Students will finish up their
investigation on physical and
natural resources. Then near the
end of the month students will
begin to explore matter and the
affect the sun has on it.
Social Studies:
In social studies this month
students will focus on important
American symbols as well as
their importance to our country
and government.
For math this month students
will continue to review and
practice basic addition and
subtraction facts up to 18 as well
as complete their last two math
topics on fractional parts and
using graphs. During the
graphing topic first graders will
discover that graphs are another
way to collect, organize, and
analyze data.
BCR 1 Grade
Ms. Howell’s Class
By: Aaron Butera
"Nature Walk"
Nature walks are fun with a lot
of things to see, hear, smell, and
feel. On my nature walk I saw a
big rock, a purple flower, and a
big fan. I heard stomping feet,
beeping cars, and chirping birds.
I smelled fruity flowers, minty
leaves, and that smelled like
frogs. I felt a warm tree, sticky
sap, and bumpy tree bark. My
nature walk is complete. It is a
lot of fun because you can do
many things. You can get shad
and you can discover a lot of
Second Grade
Language Arts:
The students have begun their
new unit titled “Our Country and
It’s People”. This unit focuses
on fundamental ideas of
immigration in America and the
forces that shape the character
of our country. Throughout this
unit second grade will continue
to develop comprehension
strategies such as: sequencing,
fact and opinion, main
idea/details, classifying and
categorizing, and cause and
effect. Students will continue to
identify compound words,
contractions, plurals,
comparative endings, common
nouns, prefixes, and multiple
meaning words. Also, as
students continue to read to
develop fluency they will also be
encouraged to read with more
Social Studies:
Social Studies:
Students will begin Unit 5 – Our
Country Today. They will
explore concepts that help
students form a better
understanding of what it means
to be a good citizen. They will
focus on identifying leadership
positions and organizations in
the community; democratic
skills; famous American people,
symbols, songs and poems; and
contributions of local
government leaders and current
leaders of their school and
Students will begin to explore
the roles of individuals and
groups in creating order,
protecting citizens and providing
services for a community.
Students will explore concepts of
Genetics and the Stages in the
Life Cycles, Evolution, and
Students will be focusing on
concepts such as: Numbers and
Patterns to 1,000, Multiplication
Concepts, Division Concepts, and
Three-Digit Addition and
By: Orianna Lakin
Ms. Balestreire Class
Why Did the Dinosaur
Summarize Why Did the
Dinosaur Disappear? Be sure to
only use important information
from the text.
Scientists think dinosaur
disappeared because the earth
became very cold and Dinosaurs
could not borrow into the
grounds. Earthquakes made the
volcanoes erupt. The sun rays
couldn’t hit earth that caused
the plant eaters to die. Then the
meat eaters died.
Third Grade
Language Arts:
Students are working on creating
their very own poetry books.
We will be working on the
examples and rough drafts in
class. Students may be required
to complete their final copies at
home. We look forward to
reading some great work.
We finished our fabulous
landforms and are anxiously
awaiting a visit from Mr.
MacAloney a meteorologist. His
visit will help kick off our study
of the weather.
Students are continuing to work
on multiplying two digit factors
by one digit factors. It is very
important for the students to be
practicing their math facts at
home NIGHTLY. It is very
difficult to move on in
multiplication and division if the
students do not know their basic
facts. Students will be working
on division also.
Fourth Grade
Language Arts:
We are excited to be reading
different novels in each class.
Our students are actively reading
and creating and sharing ideas
about the novels that each
teacher has chosen. Be sure to
be on the lookout for some great
final projects that relate to our
In science we will be looking at
matter and how things change.
Ask your students if they know
the difference between solids,
liquids, and gases.
Social Studies:
With the introduction of many
different novels we are able to
compare and contrast life in the
novel to the lives that historic
and modern people live in
Maryland. We also had a great
trip to Annapolis to see the
history that our state’s capital
has to offer!
angles in the near future. Be
sure to ask your students what a
polygon is and what it looks like.
BCR 4th Grade
By: Andrew Chafos
Mrs. MacAloney Class
Ashley prepared two cookie
recipes. The first recipe used ½
cup of butter. The second
recipe used 1/3 cup of butter.
Step A: How much butter did
Ashley use to make both
recipes? 5/6 cup of butter
Step B: Explain:
~Fractions are equal parts of a
~My answer is correct because
½=3/6 and 1/3=2/6 because
the denominators can both go
into 6 so you do that and then
you add the fractions.
Fifth Grade
Standards = 5.4.C.2.a, 5.4.C.2d
Our 5th grade investigators are
currently learning about
conductors and insulators. We
have been able to describe,
observe, and compare materials
that readily conduct electricity
and those that do not conduct
electricity. Our fifth grade
investigators have a question for
you: Why is it important to
insulate a recording studio?
Standards = 6-6.C.1, 1c ; 61.B.1c ; 6-6.C.1c
BCR: Armand bought 4 pounds
of beeswax to make candles. If
he paid $22.79, about how much
does one pound cost?
STEP A: Tell us how much one
pound costs
STEP B: Use what you know
about estimating decimals to
explain why your answer is
correct. Use words and or
numbers to support your
We have just finished our third
and final benchmark. All of the
students have learned a great
deal this year! We are also
learning about quadrilaterals and
Our fifth grade math students
have successfully tackled the
MSA math!!!! We are currently
learning how to solve
expressions by implementing the
distributive property and order of
operations. Right around the
corner: multiplying, dividing and
estimating decimals!!!
Give this a whirl: How can the
acroynom PEMDAS help us order
our expression to come to the
same answer!
(6+7) - 2
Fifth Graders have just
finished reading The
Summewr of the Swans and
The Sign of the Beaver.
They have completed
detailed Book Reports
displayed in the classrooms
for your viewing. We are
now reading Abel's Island,
The War with Grandpa, and
The Bravest Dog Ever, Balto.
During this time we are also
reviewing skills learned in
preparation for our
3rd Reading and Language
Arts Benchmark. We had an
oustanding time at Drown
proofing and look forward to
our Mt. Vernon Field trip and
End of the year Activities.
Please contact your child's
teacher to
volunteer/chaperone student
Library News
Grade One
Students will enjoy a variety of
seasonal stories and continue
learning basic collection and
location skills.
Grade Two
These students will complete
their study of tables of contents
and indexes, and will focus on
the Dewey decimal system for
organizing and finding nonfiction books.
Grade Three
Third graders will also focus on
the Dewey decimal system, and
compare and contrast two
encyclopedia articles.
Grade Four
Fourth graders will continue
using library resources and skills
to enhance their knowledge of
Maryland, and then com;ete a
short research project on
endangered species.
Grade Five
Fifth graders will use the World
Almanac to learn about selected
American presidents and
miscellaneous topics.
Absentee or Tardy
If your child is absent or tardy
please send a note to school
with your child on the day your
child returns to school.
Health Room
Parents if your child received a
vision and/or hearing letter
please be sure to schedule
appointments and return the
reports to the school nurse.
As we draw to a close, I’d like to
congratulate all of our students
on their improvements in art this
year. It takes a great deal of
effort, and the ability to
appreciate a critique as a tool for
improvement, and the ability to
think out of the box to creatively
problem solve. Students who
posses these qualities will be
successful in every area of their
lives. It has been a pleasure to
watch our young artists grow
this year.
Several students have art work
on display near Lord and Taylor
at Westfield Annapolis Mall
through May 19th.
Kindergarten: Avery Wilson
(Jungle Tiger)
1st Grade: Luis Rodriquez (Van
Gogh’s Sunflowers)
2nd Grade: Robby Longo and
Abby Salyer (Chesapeake Bay)
3rd Grade: Amber Kennison
(Texture Weaving)
4th Grade: Emmalee Patton and
Seray Cerezo (Metal
5th Grade: Brianna Turner
(Reflective Landscape)
Look for students to bring home
their final projects
Kindergarten: A Day on the
Prairie Landscapes
1st Grade: Eric Carle inspired
2nd Grade: Georgia O’Keeffe
Embellished Flowers
3rd Grade: Landform Relief
4th Grade: Abstract Portraits
5th Grade: Realistic Portraits
Parent Resource Center,
Media Center
Many great resources are
available for your use. Please
During the month of May, our
character value is CARING.
During classroom guidance
lessons, we will focus on
standing up for one another and
showing compassion for others.
In Grades K-4 we will continue
to focus on stranger safety,
harassment, and problemsolving. In Grade 5, we will focus
on transitioning to Middle
School. Please ask your children
to discuss these lessons with
Ways to reinforce this month’s
classroom guidance lessons at
 Sometimes children are
afraid that if they use
their words to defend the
victim of a bully, they will
become the bully’s next
victim. Encourage your
child to remove a victim
of bullying from the
situation by asking the
victim if they would like to
go play somewhere away
from the bully rather than
using their words.
 Ask your child about their
school day. Ask them to
name 3 positive
experiences they had at
school each day. This will
create open lines of
communication between
you and your child. They
will be more likely to ask
you for help or tell you
when there is a problem
in the future.
 Establish open
communication with your
child’s Middle School
counselor to ensure
success for your child as
they transition to a larger
school and experience a
great deal of personal
If your child still feels
anxious about attending
Middle School over the
Summer, call the Middle
School to schedule a time
to tour the building and
become familiar with the
new environment.
Upcoming Events:
5/10 – Star Show Try Outs 3pm
– Students are not able to
wait after school for Try outs
to begin. All acts must be
accompanied by an adult (at
least one per group), or
students will be asked to go
home. If you have any
questions, please contact me
5/11 - Star Show Try Outs 3pm
5/12 - Star Show Try Outs 3pm
Walter Reed
Services to our
“We are so thankful for our
partnership with Walter Reed
Army Medical Center! They have
been such a great resource for
our families at Manor View
Elementary School. Walter Reed
services are available to all of
our Military families. They are
able to prescribe and manage
medication here at Manor View.
Limited counseling services are
available at this time, but please
inquire about our partnership if
you are interested!”
Lacey Wallace, M.Ed., NCC
School Counselor
Manor View Elementary School
(410) 222-6504
[email protected]
5/3 – 5/7 Teacher & School
Staff Appreciation Week
5/6 Deployment Support Group
6-7pm – This will be our last
5/24 Star Show Rehearsal
2:45pm – 5pm
5/25 Star Show Dress
Rehearsal 2:45pm – 5pm
5/26 Star Show! 8:30am &
5/27 Girls Night Out! 6-7pm at
Manor View Elementary School
4th & 5th Grade girls and
their Mothers are
invited to attend an
informational and
discussion about
physical and emotional
changes that they will
experience in the near
future, or may already
be experiencing. You
will need to RSVP to
attend this event. An
invitation will be sent
home with every 4th &
5th grade girl.
5/28 Caring Character Parade
[email protected]
(410) 222-6504
Cafeteria News:
7:35 – 7:55
Meal Prices for
Breakfast, All Schools
Lunch, Secondary
Lunch, Elementary
Milk-1/2 pint, A La carte
Reduced Price Breakfast
Reduced Price Lunch
A complete list of a la carte
prices and adult prices will be
available on-line in August.
If you have any questions,
please contact Jodi Risse,
Supervisor of Food and Nutrition
Services at 410-22-5900 or
[email protected]
All classes are working on
identifying Harmonies and
texture in music
The spring concert is May 20th.
Hope to see you all there at 1pm
and then for parents at 6:30pm
All grades will also perform for
the Volunteer breakfast May 21st
at 8:30 am
thanks for all your support and
help and hope to see you at our
last performances of the year
as possible as these students
complete the variety of fitness
tests. The FitnessGram tests
are: Pacer, Push-Up, Trunk Lift,
Sit & Reach Stretch assessment.
Your child’s FitnessGram
results will be printed for you to
Running, Chasing, Tagging,
Snatching Fitness Games:
The younger students will finish
the school year playing a variety
of competitive, yet, creative PE
games that integrate cooperative
and character skills while
running in chasing type activities
such as, Honesty Tag, Character
Tag, Shark Attack, Pearl Diver,
Island Hopper, Blueberries &
Strawberries plus a few other
treats as time allows.
The older students will play PE
games and activities as times
allows after FitnessGram. We
may begin outside games and
challenges or unique inside ones
that we seldom play to complete
the year.
Last Day For
Field Day is now scheduled for
two days this year, our school
just got too big for one Field
Day: K-2 May 7th 8:30 to 12:00
and 3rd -5th the following week
and times. If either one get
rained out we will conduct that
Field Day on the 21st. If you are
interested in volunteering please
contact Mr. Sarratt or your
child’s classroom teacher or Mr.
Langille our parent volunteer
coordinator in charge of the
volunteers this year. We have
plenty of stations and activities
that need your help.
Fitness Testing: grades 4
and 5
Mr. Sarratt’s program
AACPS requires the 4th and 5th
graders to perform
FitnessGram fitness program
throughout the year, and the
assessment be completed by
year end. In May and June, we
integrate the FitnessGram into
the normal PE classes as much
Last Day for Anne Arundel
County Public Schools students
changed to Tuesday, June 15,
“At Manor View we want our
students to reach their highest
academic potential. Over the
summer it is easy to forget some
of the skills learned during the
school year. This year, we are
asking that all of our students
read two books over the summer
from the county’s summer
reading list. Each student
should complete one book
report and one project. You
will find the reading list,
directions, project suggestions,
and rubrics coming home at the
end of the year with your child’s
report card. You child will
receive a reward upon
completion of the book
report and project when
s/he returns to school in
August. We feel that this will
keep students actively reading
over the summer and maintain
their critical thinking skills. If
you can read to your child or
listen to them read for 15
minutes each day it can increase
their vocabulary by a whole
grade level, and it creates
wonderful learning
The Elementary Summer
Academy is preparing for
another stellar summer! This
program is designed for students
currently in Grades K-5 who wish
to maintain their reading and
math skills throughout the
summer in a relaxed, positive
setting. The sites this year are:
Belvedere, Jacobsville, Lothian,
Mills-Parole, Point Pleasant,
Rippling Woods, Seven Oaks,
and Waugh Chapel. Classes
begin July 6 and run Mondays
through Thursdays form 8:30 AM
to 12:15 PM until July 30.
Tuition is $200 per student. For
more information visit
www.aacps.org or call the
Summer Academy Office at 410271-8133.
School Systems offices shifting
to Four Day work week for five
weeks this Summer
Schools Superintendent Dr.
Kevin Maxwell announced on
March 24 that county schools
and school system offices will
operate on a four-day work
week for five weeks this
summer, saving approximately
$154,000 in operating and
transportation costs without any
decrease in productivity.
Science Fair
Mrs. Sayres Class
1st Grade
Miss Howell Class
2nd Grade
Ms. Balestreire Class
3rd Grade Winner
Bronze – Joshua Kerski
Silver – Samantha Jeffers
Gold- Jarred Owens
4th Grade Winner
Bronze – Tarik Robinson
Silver – Katie Hoffman
Gold – Andrew Chafos
5th Grade Winner
Bronze – Brianna Turner
Silver – Emily Jones
Gold – Tim Reynolds
In addition, each of our gold
medal winners are invited to
compete in the County Science
Fair on May 26 & 27th.
Congratulations and thanks for
all your hard work!!!!
Principal Honor Roll
Covington – Hailea Cromeans,
Joshua Elliott, Kennedy
Fearrington, Kendall Owens,
Caitlyn Powers, Mara Taylor
Howell- Anna Bailey, Makenzie
Bourne, Victoria Martin Plesniak
– Brianna Bender, Alia Esposito,
Chloe Henrichon, Luis Rodriguez,
Nicholas Brown
LaCovey – Jordyn Lakin
Shawley- Christopher Arnold ,
William Claxton, Ariana Pray
Evans – MJ Addington, Zora
Craft, Emma Blankenship,
Kaetyn Blanton Black- Bernice
Baez-Pagan, Sam Cerezo, Tyrell
Crockett, Olivia Davis, Mariana
Morales, Adriana Reyes, Hayden
Wempe Sheffer- Micaela
Breaux, Abby Gulick, Brennah
Reed, Malcolm Terry, Lauren
Williams, Indigo Young HirtJacob Ashe, Isamari Chrisotpher,
Arianna Clouse, MacKenzie
Dillenbeck, Aryn Forsythe,
Catherine Gunter, RaeAnna
Haynes, Mikala Preuninger, John
Artie Rempe BalestreireMakayla Belanger, Nia Frederick,
Addison Ivey-Bloom, Danny Keh,
Nikolas Krauss, Alex Monge,
Samantha Ponsioen, Autumn
Richarz, Kacie Walton, Cody
Watson Facer- Marisa Aragon,
Aryus Johnson, Robby Longo
Kerr- Antonio Amador, Kahron
Connor, Austin Godfrey, Bre’ana
Johnson, Joshua Kerski, Joseph
Negron, Liam Powers,
Alexzander Martinez Coppage
– Siane Boddie, Aliese Collier,
Aaron Gabriel, Wonee Pak,
Trevor Romaine, Megan Swayze
Terry- Triana Dumont, Jake
Filippelli, Amber Kennison,
Taylor McMaMahon, Araya
McNeal, Eboni Myrick, Jared
Owens, Kathryn VanHorn, Olivia
Woo Shipp- Myshimlose Larose
Coppage- Siane Boddie, Aliese
Collier, Aaron Gabriel, Wonee
Pak, Trevor Romaine, Megan
Eliason- Colten Savage, Elijah
Owens, Nathan Martinez
MacAloney- Gabriel Aragon,
Matthew Carlson, Andrew
Chafos, Tarik Robinson, Hannah
Sierra, Marie Walton BrownRegina Price, Ewan Smith, Chloe
Wempe, Seray Cerezo, Bryan
Hess Savage- Megan Gradel,
Grace McCray, Emmalee Patton,
Cheyenne Watts
Dillenbeck – Kyle Ashe,
Whitney Anne Elliott, Nicole
McAbee, Lyric Moore, Alyssa
Perry, Timothy Reynolds,
Camden Rivers
Mangan- Kaylin Lester
Honor Roll
Covington – Jaylin Horne,
Solimar Hernandez, Aydan
Kennison, Terance Long, Jacob
Lucas, Emanuel Parker,
Gabrielle, Reagan, Cameron
Sloce, Ray Angel Soto, Shavar
Straats, Hunter Ubbens HowellHopemarie Barrios, Ethan
Bouchard, Jennifer Brunner,
Alexander Bryant, Aaron Butera,
Alexis Dumont, Kristen Gettman,
Daniel Hankinson, D’Anna
Holland, Trent Jacob, Kiana
Peterson, Brianna Rivera, Devon
Setliff, Ciara Thompson, Liam
Thompson LaCovey- Natalie
Apolo, D’Casio Batteaste, Annika
Brown, Hunter Cromeans, Ethan
Dixon, Kiera Duncan, Angeleto
Garcia, Corbin Gray, Swenith
Hudson, Trenton Lowery, Gabriel
Magone, Arryanna Middlebrooks,
Leandra Morales, Adriana Nunez,
Kadin Redente, Markus
Scheiderer, Ajiya Streety
Plesniak – Mackenzie Bushue,
Blaine Cook, Michael Crouch,
Ryan Hein, Makayla Hunt,
Tavera Johnson, Shania Mason,
Aniya Meade, Joshua Potts,
Emma Shipley, Robert Soliz,
Kayani Turner Evans – Jala
Bryant, Narongrit Dulsaeng,
Madison Marquis, Dejah Barnes,
Candance Bowman, Makayla
Chavez, Elijah Vazquez, Donovan
Stangee, Lola Scannell, Travis
Preuninger, Hwanee Pak
Shawley – Kayla Bankston,
Elijah Beninato, Kierra Dennison,
Kane Dickerson, Jamahl
Edwards, Ethan Hohmann,
Deborah Hokanson, Mikayla
Hudson, Quentin Jeffers, Jyler
Puaoi, Amira Sulley, McKayla
Torbol Black- Aberdeen Bozek,
Zachary Chafos, Michael Clark,
Tyler Dregely, Celya Holmes,
Peden Jones, Alexander
Steadman, Missani Tyler, Halima
Williams, Keonia Williams
Sheffer- Emma Connor, Trinity
Davis, Gerardo Hernandez,
Caroline Hester, Marissa
Hollingshed, Matthew Ochoa,
Jeremy Redente, Fabian Roberts,
Shyann Torbol, Ashaiyah Turner,
Isaiah Walters, Saade White
Hirt- Aliyah Blackman, Carden
Evans, Sterling Goodwin, Kevan
Hess, Kyle Hess Tiana Price,
McKenzie Rusink, Thino Uhlig,
Houston, Ward BalestreireDaejzia Alexander, Veronica
Bowman, Kyra Christensen,
Nathan Davis, Orianna Lakin,
Kalen Luedeke, Victor Singer,
Aaliyah Wheaton Daejzia FacerBertha Garcia, Connor Hein,
Angelica Hilt, Mysiem Meade,
Zackary Meggett, Abigayl Salyer,
Mourice Smith, Kaitlyn Steinhart,
Lexi Stewart, Jada Syndab,
Anaja Totten, Alyssa Velez KerrKyler Ellefson, Cyrrul Flint, Sarah
Jacobson, Samantha Jeffers,
Sydney King, Aliyah Malone,
Ja’nya Nelson, Luis Olaechea,
DeJuan Peterson, Katelan Suggs
Coppage – Myah Alan Ronald
Andries, Matthew Christensen,
Adriana Figueroa, Alexis
Lawrence,Sofia Loiselle, Richard
Moulton, Aiden Thompson,
Seana Townes, Brian Tripp
Terry- Bri’Asia Anderson
Goodman, Alexis DaCosta,
Jeffrey Elliott, Jaydan Goodwin,
Amaya McNeal, Kasey Russell,
Payton Tamas, Diamond Wilson
Shipp- Jerome Brown, Madison
Connelly, Nevden Fields, Jailyn
Figueroa, Bianca Morales,
Rayana Morris, Christian Phillips,
Lauryn Renford, Jonah Rossi,
Kayla Webb, Noah Kennally,
Ryne Caya Eliason- AJ
Ancheta, Kourtney Colbert, Kiah
Docherty, Katie Hoffman, Xavier
Howard, Jenna Miller, Gavriel
Sanchez, Nina Sheiderer, Zamya
Starling, Ashlyn Virgin
MacAloney- Alexa Atkinson,
Austin Brown, Andrew Cooper,
Steven Davis, Alexander
Delaporte, Cynthia Guerra, Ian
Hein, Zachary Long, Levi Mister,
Dillion Pugh, Taylor Wood
Brown- Wendell Barnes,
Michael Monge, Gavin Taylor,
Nia Woody, Abigail Lee, Ashlyn
Lee, Alexandra Mandell,
Ponchellis Jackson, Samuel Keh
Savage- Donald Day, Ben
Marsac, Diane Scheiderer,
Savanna Schmidt, Samuel Stone,
Brandon Waga, Kimberly Walker
Dillenbeck- Trey DeVore,
Joshua Gonzalez, Valerie Gradel,
Andruw Urdiales, Katie Woo
Mangan- Amanda Carzoo, Ibeth
Hernandez, La’Rell Leonard,
Kiara Lopez, Treston Russell,
William Smith, Lindsey VanHorn
Hill- Brianna Arguello, Makayla
Heintz, Alex Kennison, Mariah
Lino, Caitlin Luchkiw, Cheyenne
Phillips, Jorge Rivera
McConnon- Micheal Fletcher,
David Gonzalez, Emily Jones,
Makayla King
Covington – Melanie Francis
Shawley- Reid Kennally
Evans– Faith Merrill, Jaylen
Myers LaCovey – Joseph
Gathecha Black- Tyrelle Hunt,
Essence Tindal Hirt- Iyahna
Hale, Jordan Rock BalestreireSean Martin, Kaelynn Sites
Facer- Raven Brown, Taniya
Hooper-Batteaste Kerr- Shania
Best, Mikayla Guerrier, Kailer
Terry- Kelvin Flowers ShippAiden Dalton, Micah Filer
Eliason- Sean Brown, Cristina
Plowman Savage- Armon
Brogsia Brown – Kyle Fuller
Dillenbeck – Ben Langille HillKatherine Alan, Jacob
McCullough, William Mead,
Ashley Mitchell McConnonKennedy Boyd, Hannah Helms
Mangan – Makayla Boyd, Jesus
Rivera, Jacoby Rojas
Anne Arundel County
Library Happenings!
Hooked on Books
Wednesday, June 23 at 9:30 and
11:30 am and 1:30 pm
Green Magic
Thursday, July 1 at 1:30, 3:30
and 7 pm
Water Water Everywhere
Monday, July 12 at 1:30, 3:30
and 7 pm
Songwriting 101
Thursday, July 15 at 7pm
Tropical Splash!
Tuesday, July 20 at 9:30 and
11:30am and 1:30 pm
Saturday, August 14 from 1 to
Make and take a craft in the
Children’s Area.
For children of all ages.