Integrated Studies

It is the nation’s oldest active political party. It is about 30 years older than the
Country (now National) Party and more than 50 years older than the Liberal
Party. It has contested state seats from 1891, federal seats following the
Federation in 1901, and gained Australia's first majority in either house at the
1910 federal election. Labor is the only party to have elected representatives in
every federal parliament.
Australian Labor Party’s Beliefs
and Goals
Some of their goals are to make better
health and hospitals, tax plan for the future,
strengthening Australia ,cleaner power
stations, National trade cadetships,
connecting renewables, protecting workers
and building better countries cities.
Founded in 1945 to replace the United Australia
Party (UAP) and its predecessors, the centre-right
Liberal Party competes with the centre-left Labor
Party. Federally, the Liberal Party runs in a
Coalition with the National Party, the Northern
Territory Country Liberal Party, and Queensland
Liberal branch the Liberal National Party. Except
for a few short periods, the Liberal Party and its
predecessors have operated in similar coalitions
since the 1920s.
Liberal Party of Australia’s Beliefs
and Goals
Liberals are proud of their nation and its achievements.
They admire their fellow Australians who consistently
triumph over adversity. They respect the lessons of
history that lay the foundations for an even better future.
In short, they simply believe in individual freedom and
free enterprise.
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