Earthquakes Week 3 PPT

Earthquakes Week 3
Geologic Column
Students will be given a printed copy of the vocabulary
Week 3 Mini Q on Wednesday
Week 3 Mini Test on Thursday
Entire Earthquake (ALL 3 weeks worth of notes) Test on Friday!!
1. Palentology= the scientific study of fossils
2. Superposition=a principle that states younger soil lies above older soil
3. Geologic column=an arrangement of rock & soil layers in which the
oldest rock & soil are at the bottom
4. Relative dating=any method used to determine whether an object or
event is older or younger than other objects or events
Day 1
fossil=the remains or physical evidence of an organism preserved by the
geologic process
6. Trace fossil=a fossilized mark that is formed in soft sediment by the
movement of an animal
7. unconformity=a break in the geologic record created when rock layers
are eroded or when sediment is not deposited for a long period of time
8. mold==a mark or cavity made in a sedimentary surface by a shell or other
9. Cast=a type of fossil that forms when sediment fills in the cavity left by a
decomposed organism
10. Eon=the largest division of geologic time
11. Era=a unit of geologic time that includes two or more periods
12. Period=a unit of geologic time into which eras are divided
13. Epoch=a subdivision of a geologic period
14. Extinction=the death of every member of a species
Day 1 and 2
Foldable with Notes
• Undisturbed Rock Layers
– Disruptions
• Features
A. Faults
B. Intrusions
Geologic Column puzzle
A. Folding
B. Tilting
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