Manifest Destiny, California & Gold Rush, Mexican

Manifest Destiny, California & Gold
Rush, Mexican-American War and
By Marco Dempsey
Manifest Destiny
The Manifest Destiny was an event
U.S. settlers went and expanded
through the rest of the country for
cheaper and bigger land
The Manifest Destiny had 3 main
Settlers expanded all the way down
to the West Coast
The Indian Removal Act was made to
deport all Indians from the rest of the
Railroads as new transportation were
made for better commute through the
Californios & Conflicts
The Californios were
Latinos who were born in
California at the time of the
Manifest Destiny
The Californios and
Americans got into a
conflict because they had
land disputes down near
the Rio Grande in Texas
Beginning of the Mexican-American
Mexico didn't recognize
that Texas was a U.S.
state and tried to take its
land. Seeing America was
coming down on this issue,
Mexico threatened a war
which later turned into a
big battle for land.
Bear Flag Revolt
A small group of American
settlers rebelled against the
Mexican government and
declared California as a
republic to let Mexicans
know this was their land
The bear flag is now
California's state flag and
says "California Republic"
The leaders of this event
were William Ide and Ezekiel
The End of the Mexican-American
After a long time of
fighting, both countries
signed the Treaty of
Guadalupe Hildago to
change the border of the
countries to the Rio
Grande instead of the
Nueces River
Famous leaders include
James K. Polk, Zachary
Taylor, Winfield Scott,
Stephen W. Kearny, etc
Provisions & Mexican
Provision to the Treaty
include border change and
extra square miles for the
U.S. territory
The Mexican Cession was
the land given to the U.S.
from the Treaty of
Guadalupe Hildago
Gadsden Purchase
The Gadsden Purchase
was a little plot of land
purchased by the U.S. to
build a transcontinental
railroad and resolve border
issues with Mexico and
Cultural Changes
As the land opened up,
more people from other
countries started to come
The Americans had trouble
with the Mexicans on land,
fought with the Indians
after a population growth
from the Gold Rush, and
African-Americans also
went through segregation
California Gold Rush
In California 1848, two miners
found gold and California was
The population grew a lot due to the
gold in California
Gold-seekers were called "fortyniners" and this also attracted all
types of immigrants
More advancements and population
were made in California and the
whole country
The Sutter and Donner party were
two big events in the Gold Rush
where people found dusts of gold in
the rivers