Tenth Grade Research Paper Assignment

Tenth Grade Research Paper
A Cause and Effect paper answers the questions WHY and HOW. It looks backwards in time to
show the factors that lead up to an event, and it looks forward in time to consider the
consequences resulting from that event.
Think about the following sentence.
I have no money, because _____________________ (cause);
therefore, I cannot ___________________________ (effect).
You can probably come up with at least one major reason why you have no money, and you can
probably think of at least three things you cannot do without it. This is the process of Cause and
In sophomore English, the essential question is “What are our individual rights and
responsibilities?” The Cause and Effect paper allows for the student to study how one’s rights
are obtained and reflect upon what happens when one’s responsibilities are not met.
In each sophomore text, there is a character who fights for his/her rights and manages (or fails to
manage) his/her responsibilities. From those general categories, you can choose a topic that
relates to the course’s essential question,
For example, Holden Caulfield spends a great deal of time drinking in The Catcher in the Rye.
You could research the causes and effects of alcohol abuse in teens.
Sources: You must use at least four sources in developing your paper. You must submit at
least 20 notecards. Your evidence must come from reputable sources.
Page length: 3-5 typed pages double-spaced, exclusive of the Works Cited page
Margins: One-inch margins
Font: 12-point font New Times Roman
Format: MLA (See DRG page 11)
1. Discovery phase
Due date _________________________
The first thing a student must do in any research assignment is to choose a topic. Think about
the books you have read in sophomore English. Consider the themes and ideas presented in each
one. Find a topic that interests you. Discuss the topic with the teacher and get approval.
2. Research/note cards
Due date _________________________
The first thing you need to do is locate sources. (See DRG page 3)Make a note card for each
source. (See DRG page 4) Keep all your notecards and research information in a manila
Once you have found sources, you should read them carefully writing note cards. (See DRG
page 5) Your notecards can be organized into categories.
As you are conducting your research, start thinking about how you can develop your topic into a
thesis statement.
The next thing you should do is to review your research and finalize your thesis statement. You
may decide that you need to complete more research at this time to fill in any missing
3. Pre-writing
Due date _________________________
After you have completed your research, review your information and finalize your thesis.
Organize your notecards into a logical format. Cause and Effect papers lend themselves to a
chronological arrangement, and visual learners might want to create a flow chart of ideas. (See
Cause and Effect: Effects and Consequences Handout). Other students may prefer to write an
outline (See Cause and Effect Outline Handout)
There should be one primary cause (also known as the main cause, necessary cause, or first
cause) that leads up to the event. The body of your paper should begin with the primary cause.
There may be one or more secondary (or sufficient) causes that may have contributed to the
There may be many effects of a particular event. Choose only those that are relevant to your
thesis, and organize them in order of most to least important.
4. First draft
Due date _________________________
As in all papers, the Cause and Effect requires an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
The introduction provides a hook to interest the reader, discusses the topic in general, and
presents the thesis statement.
The body develops in detail the cause(s) leading up to the event and examines the effects of the
event. Make sure that all ideas are connected. There should be no “missing links.” At this point
you should also include your quotes and paraphrases, ensuring that the parenthetical citations are
correct. (See DRG page 10-11)
Be careful of writing a process paper that only shows a chain of events. A cause and effect paper
shows the significance of the event and its effect on society.
The conclusion should return to the thesis and recommend how to correct a bad cause or change
the resulting effect.
5. Works cited page
Due date _________________________
Organize your source cards and type them on a separate sheet of paper according to MLA format
as outlined in the (See DRG page 15).
6. Revisions
Due date ________________________
Edit your paper for grammar and mechanical errors. Use transitions for effect. Make sure all
quotes are correctly cited and the works cited page is correctly formatted. Your paper should
meet all the requirements in the DRG on page 16.
7. Final draft
Due date ________________________
When you are satisfied that your paper meets all the requirements of the assignment, print it, put
in your envelope with your notecards and drafts, and hand it in. Submit a copy to turnitin.com.
Event #1 Happened because:
Event #2 Happened because:
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Cause and Effect Outline
I. Introduction
Background Information
II. Body Paragraph (use as many as you need)
One cause/effect of/reason why _________________________
Show connection between cause and effect
III. Conclusion
Review logical progression
Suggest a solution to correct a bad cause or change the resulting effect.