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8th SCI – Circulation Pg. 1
Directions: Complete this e-sheet about the heart and the circulatory system by following
the directions listed below.
A. Click on the link  http://www.medtropolis.com/VBody.asp
Once you get to the website, click on the link that says English  then Human Heart
For this first activity, you will be learning about the different parts of the heart. Click
on the link that says Heart Parts. Scroll over the various parts of the heart, then use
that diagram to help you label the heart diagram below.
1. Label the heart diagram using the words on the right. To label your diagram, click and
drag the words to the correct line. **Make sure to save your document to your student
hard drive once you’ve completed this.**
Left Atrium
Left Ventricle
Superior Vena
Inferior Vena
Bicuspid Valve
Tricuspid Valve
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8th SCI – Circulation Pg. 2
B. Once you’ve labeled your heart, take the narrated tour of the heart and answer the
following questions using complete sentences.
1. Where is the heart located?
2. Where does blood first enter the heart?
3. When blood first enters the right atrium is it deoxygenated or oxygenated blood?
4. What is the main function of the tricuspid valve?
5. After blood enters the pulmonary arteries, where does it go?
6. Blood returning from the lungs, returns to the heart via the pulmonary veins, this then
leads to which part of the heart?
7. Blood gets pushed through which valve to enter into the left ventricle?
8. Which artery distributes blood to all parts of the body?
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8th SCI – Circulation Pg. 3
C. After viewing the narrated tour of the heart and completing the questions from part
B, write in complete sentences how blood enters and reenters the heart. The first
sentence has been completed for you.
Blood enters the heart either through the inferior or superior vena cava. From there it
enters the …
D. After you have completed this e-sheet click the link below to review the vocabulary
from today’s lesson.
 Click on Life Science
There you will see the flashcards for this section’s Vocabulary terms, please
feel free to study them.
No Homework tonight 
Tomorrow, be ready to take a closer look at Blood and Blood Vessels.