What is a Digital Footprint?

Writing in my Hand
“Language is the air that we breathe and the water in which we swim.”
ElD and Writing
My Digital Life: Writing with Technology
What is Writing in my Hand?
 Students in this class are all English Language Learners.
 Students will read and write daily with real purpose.
 Lessons will focus on developing English language skills using
technology tools such as iPods and laptops.
 Students will record their voices, create iMovies, and tell their
stories using digital tools offered here at CVMS.
Setting Goals
 We will use technology every day to improve our reading and
writing. It includes laptops and iPods.
 There will be several permission slips coming home to allow
student to use the equipment and publish on a variety of
 CEDLT testing will begin at the end of September, more
information soon.
Inspiring students to read and write
 This year we will:
 Set goals in reading and writing and chart our progress
 Get extra support to write persuasive, literature response,
expository essays and poetry
 Read a variety of materials using the iPod to improve our
comprehension and fluency
 Create a digital portfolio of our work to be shared at the end
of the school year.
Teaming technology with responsibility
Step 1: What is a Digital Footprint?
 We are currently using a
website called
www.commonsense.org to
learn about using
technology effectively.
 You can find the link and
other information on the
parent page on my school
Our first persuasive project will be:
Creating Public Service Announcements
Here is a sample of student work…
EITT Grant
 We are part of the district
EITT grant program that
provides 34 iPods for
classroom use.
 There will be special
projects and training from
this grant.
 If you haven’t done so,
please sign the iPod use
permission slip.
Google Cadre
 Our class has been
selected to be part of a
new district program that
will work with Google
bringing new applications
and creative opportunities
to our school site.
 Look for more information
shortly, along with a
permission slip for your
child to participate in this
Looking forward to a great year!!