Holt #1

Holt Physics: Linear Momentum Homework
Read pg. 198-199 and answer the following
Define Linear momentum:
What is the Equation for momentum?\
What does the symbol p stand for (hint: Look at the did you know on pg. 199):
Describe momentum with an everyday example:
5. What is the unit for momentum?
6. Answer Practice A problems one and three:
Read pg 200 and answer the following:
7. A change in momentum takes _________________and _____________________.
8. Write this as an equation using Newton’s 2nd law:
9. To find the change of momentum in terms of force and time interval write the equation for the
impulse-momentum theory:
10. What is “impulse”?
11. Read sample problem B then Do practice problems B #’s 1 and 3 on a separate piece of paper
or on the back:
12. Read sample problem C and do practice C problems 1 and 3 on the back or on a separate piece
of paper: