Physics 3rd Six Weeks Parent Letter

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you what your student will do during the third six weeks. We will extend
our work on motion during the second six weeks by learning three new concepts: momentum, energy, and work. These
powerful concepts can be used to do more complex analysis of simple projectile motion and open the door to more
complex motion such as collisions. We will connect back to the concept of force through the impulse-momentum
theorem. At the end of the third six weeks, students should have mastered these new tools to analyze motion and be
able to make connections to real world situations.
The two major projects for this six weeks were selected to challenge the students’ in real world applications. In the first
project, they will design a container to protect an egg during a free fall. They will construct the container, take data
during the drop, and perform analysis on the data using force, impulse, momentum, and energy concepts. At the end of
the project, they will make recommendations for improvements to shipping materials. In the second project, students
will determine the series of events in a multi-vehicle collision using only a map of the final positions of the cars and skid
marks. They will apply momentum conservation, and work and energy concepts to make their case. The students will
defend their position in a presentation.
The third major grade is a traditional multiple choice exam. In order to be successful in this component, it is expected
that students understand concepts at a basic level and make connections between physics topics discussed in class and
the real world. The main concepts are momentum, energy, power, and work. They should know the units for all
variables, and be able to compare the properties of the different types of energy. They should be able to describe the
resulting motion after a collision. The students must also perform calculations using the concepts of energy and
The students will also complete a fall semester exam. There are 50 multiple choice questions covering topics from all
three six weeks.
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