The Interactive Oral Presentation

The Interactive Oral Presentation
Guidelines, Expectations & Suggestions
(think of this presentation as if Virgil
were whispering help into your ear)
The Purpose of the Interactive Oral
• To collaborate on an oral presentation
• To prepare you for your individual oral
presentation this coming spring
• To help you and your classmates learn more
about any given text (The Inferno, in this case)
• To strengthen your research and analysis skills
• To begin higher level literary analysis
What you will have to do:
• Work in groups of 2
or 3 depending on
class size
• Teach your
classmates about
The Inferno
• Do a short,
memorized reading
from part of the text
for more points
Your Topics will focus on
• The cultural, social, political, religious
and literary context of Dante’s world
• You will have the chance to analyze
aspects of the text itself
• I will assign topics
• You will need to have at
least 4 sources overall.
The sources on the
Dante Resources page
will be accepted (check
• The research for this IO
must include at least
two academic sources.
If you doubt whether a
source will be
acceptable, ask first.
• You MUST quote from
the text, with citations,
to support your topic
during the presentation.
The more quotes the
better—if you focus on
a canto, quote from the
canto many times. If
you focus on a topic
that connects to many
cantos, quote from as
many cantos as
possible. I’m looking
for at least 5 quotes
More expectations
• You will create a poster or other tangible
presentation document that can be posted in
the room.
• You will also turn in your information
summarized into a few paragraphs or an
outline and include a works cited page in MLA
format with the URLs of your resources. MLA
formatting is critical.
So, that means:
Presentation to class
Works cited page
Prezi or power point
Recitation of canto sections
Other props or costumes are also welcome for
extra points
• It is a formal grade
• There are no “do-overs”
• Do not forget anything
the day of presentation
• Stick to your scheduled
time, once a schedule is
• Don’t wait until the last
Do not abandon hope, ye who embark on this
project, for it is truly designed and well-scored.
Ye will have a reasonable guide and good
companionship along the journey. If ye feel
too much pity, or too much anger, ye will be
cautioned and brought back to the narrow
way. Rejoice in the end, when it is complete!