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Own Inferno

Dante’s Inferno Own Inferno
Just as Dante created his own Inferno, you are tasked with creating one as well utilizing Google slides. Please
title your Google presentation: My Own Inferno.
You may be very serious and deal with true crimes and “sins” such as murder, or, if you wish, you may be
cavalier (off the cuff and fun) and deal with lighthearted sins, such as: not doing your homework, talking really
loudly on your phone, speeding, etc.
There are 9 expectations to this assignment that you must follow – just like there are 9 circles of Hell.
1. There must be nine levels (like Dante’s)
a. Each of your circles may be no more than three slides.
i. Branch out the expectations below so all is not on one slide.
2. Be careful about who you put in your pit of eternal damnation.
a. Friends, teachers, parents, siblings, etc. might not appreciate inclusion and they might find out
what you’ve done!
3. Be appropriate.
a. Even though you’re in the eternal depths, that doesn’t allow you the opportunity to be crass and
4. Each level should do the following:
a. Name the type of sin / crime
b. Describe the terrain
c. What demons / monsters are there?
d. Describe the punishment
e. Explain the allegory of why / how the punishment fits the crime
f. Who would you place in this circle and why (same expectations from Canto presentations)
i. Pull from literature, TV shows, video games, movies, famous people, etc, etc.
5. You may elaborate beyond the few sentences you may need, but please do not write a 3-5 page paper.
a. Please review number 3
b. Same expectations for writing from Canto presentations
6. Due at end of class.
7. Be prepared to share.
8. Be sure to incorporate colors and pictures.
9. Enjoy and have fun!