Introduction to the Scout Law

Introduction to
the Scout Law
Letter Scramble
How quickly can you make the key words of the
new Scout values, using the letters provided?
• Teams of 10
• Spread letters out face down; each player picks
up two letters
• Arrange yourselves to make RESPECT, RIGHT,
POSITIVE without putting the letters down
• Letters may be swapped between players only if
it is impossible to reach the right position
Aims of this module
To provide volunteers with
• A clear understanding of the values
encompassed in the Scout Law
• The knowledge and resources to teach
these values to youth members
• An understanding of how to participate in
the launch of the new Scout Law
Click on the picture below to watch a
video introducing the new Scout Law
Te Reo Version
Me Whakautea
Kia mahi tika
Kia Ngākaupai
Hand Signals
• Have Respect
Pump chest twice with right fist
• Do What is Right
Draw a tick in the air
• Be Positive
Thumbs up
Advantages of the new Law
• Easier to remember
• Easier to understand
• Easier to apply in our lives
• Shared values across the
whole movement
What are values?
• The moral principles and beliefs of a
person or group (Collins English
• Deeply held beliefs about what is
important or desirable. They are
expressed through the ways in which
people think and act. (NZ Curriculum)
What do values do for us?
• guide our thinking and determine our
responses and behaviour in any given
• help us to know what the expectations
are in a particular group or culture
• shape how we relate to others
• help us to grow positive relationships
What do our values mean?
As a group, add your understandings of
each of the values:
• 4 mins on first value
• 3 mins on second value
• 2 mins on third value
What do our values mean?
As a group, match the definitions to each
of the values
“Integrity is choosing to do
the right thing – even if no
one is watching.”
- C. S Lewis
The values in action
We all promise to live by the Scout Law.
• What do the Scout Law values look like in
• What are some examples of each?
Creating a values-based
• How can we as volunteers model the
Scout values in the way we deliver our
• How can the Scout Law be used as a tool
for managing behaviour and setting
positive expectations?
• How can we include values-based
activities in our weekly programmes?
Transition to the new Law
• Familiarise yourself with the new Law
• Change displays, signage and practice from Day
1, Term 4 2015
• Access Scout Law resources at
• Introduce the new Law to youth
• Make appropriate changes according to section
• Keas now have a Law
• Cub Law changed; slight change to Cub Promise
The new Scout Law
- making us