Teaching Creative Writing Using Multi

“…swimming and writing are culturally
specific learned behaviours. We learn to swim
if there is a body available and usually if
someone teaches us. We learn to write if we
are members of a literate society and if
someone teaches us. There are non-swimmers
or poor swimmers and excellent swimmers, so
we have the same situation with writers.”
Dr. Douglas Brown
Teaching Creative Writing
Using Multi-Media Resources
Svitlana Trofymchuk
The word “create” means to cause something new
to exist or to produce something new.
Creative writing is a term used to
distinguish certain imaginative or different
types of writing from technical writing.
Why does writing cause a lot of difficulties,
especially when we mean creative writing?
our students do not
have certain
(they do not know
the structure
of the composition)
the students lack
to express their
ideas clearly/
they are not
aware of most
grammar structures
the students are not
taught to imagine,
think logically and
create something new
the most creative works written by the students have the only aim:
to persuade the teacher that they have learnt the material
and to get a good mark
Writing is not used as a means of communication.
Teaching Creative Writing
Using Multi-media Resources
Svitlana Trofymchuk
Svitlana Trofymchuk
Svitlana Trofymchuk
Svitlana Trofymchuk
Svitlana Trofymchuk
Svitlana Trofymchuk
Svitlana Trofymchuk
A Word
• Write all the adjectives to describe the word
• Write synonyms/antonyms to the following
• Write why this thing is important/why you like
/dislike it
• Replace the adjectives using synonyms/
• Write all possible word-combinations this
word can be used in
• Make up sentences with this word
Word Map
Some Words
• write a sentence using these words
• write a short story using the words
• think of the adjectives (with
positive/negative meaning) which describe
these objects the best
A Picture
• Write all the nouns to describe the picture
• Write some positive /negative adjectives to
describe the picture
• Write some word-combinations using the nouns
and adjectives
• Write the sentences using given wordcombinations
• Put the sentences into the correct order to make
up a story
• Write the title of the story
A Word-Combination
• Extend the word-combination adding more
• write the sentence using the following
A Sentence
• complete the sentence
• complete the sentence of your classmate
• extend the sentence (add some
• agree/disagree with the idea in the
• try to make up a story with this sentence
as the first one ( Sandwich Story )
A Text
• Add some adjectives/synonyms to make
the text more colourful
• Extend the sentences adding more
• Continue the story
• Write the title to the story
• Extend the story
As blind as a bat
As cold as ice
As gentle as a lamb
Like a rose
Like a dream
Like a volcano
To work like a dog
To drink like a fish
To sing like an angel
• Fast as a __________
as fast as a rabbit
as fast as a race car
as fast as the wind
as fast as my dad's motorcycle.
Happy, smart, angry, frightened
Descriptive Words
• My cat is soft
My fat old black and white cat is round and
soft as a teddy bear.
This girl is pretty
writing descriptively
• It rained
Drops of water fell from the sky
It snowed. I am happy.
The sun is shining. The day is dull.
Dictation Composition
Creative Running Dictation
Altering Dictations
T: Wolves are bad animals.
• S1: However, they are doctors for the
• S2: They eat ill animals.
• S3: Sometimes wolves show plays in the
Noun Poem
Three adjectives
One sentence about the noun
Repeat line 1
Sweet, delicious and dark
I need some now
Diamond Poetry
• A noun
• 2 adjectives
• 3 –ing words
• A sentence or phrase
• A synonym
apply it
The students spend one hour either "blind"
or "deaf" in a safe situation of their
choosing and then they write. Note: This
assignment should be done individually,
and not as a group, because the group
experience lessens its value in
strengthening perceptions.
This assignment helps students recognize a
sense of style in writing, which most of
them have, but may not be aware of it. It
focuses on four or more story genres.
Begin with a general genre such as
adventure. Then go on to romance,
science fiction, western, mystery, etc.
The students sit in a circle, each having sufficient writing
paper and their names on the first sheet. When the
instructor says, 'Begin' they begin writing a story starting
with the phrase "It was a dark and stormy night." [The
teacher should instruct the class not to write about
anyone in the class or in the school.] After 3 minutes, the
teacher instructs them to pass the story to the person on
their right/left. The next student adds to the story for
3+[?] minutes and passes it on, and so forth. The
instructor keeps track of the time periods, adjusting them
for the "speed" of the class but 3 ½ minutes is generally
best. *The instructor joins in the writing. As the time for a
conclusion draws near, the instructor announces that the
next writer will begin to finish up the story and the one
after that will conclude the story. (The class may be told
that this will happen so that they can mentally prepare
for finishing a story although they won't know which
Imaginative Writing
What Would Happen if Vegetables Could
Seeing like a writer
a) Look at the pictures. Think about what you see. What ideas for writing a
paragraph about yourself do the pictures give you?
The usage of pictures,
Symbols, letters
Individual work, peer feedback,
Group work, cooperative classroom work,
Face-to-face revision
Make Your Students’
resources Compositions
Saturated and Involving
Affective factors
Activities aimed
at meeting the demands
of socio-cultural approach
Make Your Students’
Saturated and Involving