AS-0.3200 - Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan laitos

Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan projektityöt
Communication with the instructor
Grading and credits
About working in a project
Teachers: Jorma Selkäinaho, Mika Strömman, Kai
Zenger, Heikki Hyyti + bunch of researchers and
assistants as instructors
Unique & independent project works in groups of one
or several students
Finnish, Swedish and English can be used in
documenting and presentations. The instructor of the
project work can have some requirements.
Noppa (please sign on the course in Oodi!)
- timetable, possible changes, results
- instructions for project, documenting
- accounts by using the form on the wiki page
Timetable (Spring 2011)
19.1 Kickup event, choosing the assignment
2.2 Presentations of Project Plans
23.3 Intermediate Reports
27.4 Final Report + Demo (Group A)
4.5 Final Report + Demo (Group B)
11.5 Ultimate DL for Documenting
AS2, Wednesday12.15-15.00
The reports MUST be in Wiki 24 hours prior to the
Communication with the instructor
Contact the instructor right away!
Keep the instructor informed about all the changes in
Send reports for comments in advance
The instructor purchases all the needed components
unless advised otherwise
Grading and credits
Amount of credits are estimated in the project plan.
Instructor gives a statement of the project work. Final
grading and amount of credits are evaluated by the
responsible teachers on the course.
Grading is based on:
•Quality of the results
•Quality of reporting
•Implementation of the project plan
•Co-operation with the instructor
Project plan + 10 min presentation
Intermediate report + 10 min presentation
Final report + 15-20 min presentation + demo
The time limit for presentation must not be exceeded.
Participation requires that all presentations are
listened. Exception: The final reports are presented in
two separate sessions A and B. It is not absolutely
necessary to participate in other group’s session.
Instructions for documenting in Wiki. Keep track on
time spent on project!
About working in a project
“A project is a temporary endeavor, having a defined
beginning and end (usually constrained by date, but
can be by funding or deliverables), undertaken to meet
particular goals and objectives”
– Goals, timetable, resource allocation, budget,
communications & documenting, quality, risks
GANTT, PERT, Critical Path
“Hyvin suunniteltu on puoleksi tehty”