7th Grade Pulleys Lab - St. Agatha Catholic School

Physics: Pulleys Lab
1. Investigate pulley systems with 1
& 2 pulleys.
2. Discover the realtionship between
the # of ropes pulling on a load
and the effort required to lift that
1. Check to make sure the spring
scale is balanced or zeroed. If not
turn the knob at the top to fix it.
2. Lift the load using the spring scale
to find out how much force it
normally takes to lift it without the aid
of a lever. Record the information
on a paper for later use.
• We will only be conducting Part 1
of the experiment.
• Use the diagrams provided to you
with your worksheets to help you
figure out how to build the pulleys.
• Record your results on the
table in the worksheet.
Complete the 2 analysis
questions below the tables
and the worksheets reviewing
pulleys systems, and
calculating the mechanical
advantages & efficiencies