Add Classes

Registrar’s Office
Network ID (NID)
Before you can use
myUCF to enroll,
you must get your:
Network ID (NID) &
Password for the NID.
click on:
click on: “What is my NID?”
To Obtain Your NID, enter your first
name, followed by your last name and an
email address on file with the university.
Then click on “Continue.”
You will receive an email like this:
Write down and remember your NID.
Do Not Share Your NID With Anyone!
Use your Network ID (NID) and
the Password to enter myUCF.
You must set a Password
to enter myUCF
for the first time.
You will be required to change
your Password every 60 days.
After getting the UCF NID Confirmation
email with your NID, go to and follow the
directions to set your password.
Page 6
Now Sign On to myUCF with your
NID and new Password.
Page 6
You need to verify your email and
phone for emergencies.
Click: “Student Self Service”
If you have holds,
then click on the
hyperlink under
Hold Item.
Contact the office(s)
that placed the
Hold(s) before you
register for classes.
Student Self Service Student Center
In the Student Center, you can:
View Schedule of Classes
Add Classes
View Your Weekly Schedule
Change Your Major or Add a Minor
and so much more!
Knightro’s Student Center
Knightro’s Student Center
You can search for classes while you are in Student
Center by clicking on the Enroll link.
Summer 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
The Enroll tab will allow you to
begin to search and enroll in classes.
Select a Term then click Continue.
Choose “Class Search.”
Click search.
In the Search for Classes, be sure you are in the appropriate Term.
You can look up classes by Course Subject (ENC) and Course Number
(1101). Be sure “Show Open Classes Only” box is checked
(unless you want to search for classes with a Waitlist). Be sure
the class is at location you want. Click SEARCH.
The results will
tell you the name
of the course,
when it meets,
if it has seats
still available,
the 5-digit
Class Number, and
if it is has a Waitlist.
Click on select class
for the class in which
you wish to enroll.
Some courses (e.g., Science, Engineering and
Computer Science) have two components:
1) Lecture
2) Lab or Discussion
(aka Related Component)
Each component is assigned a separate
5 digit Class Number.
You need the 5 digit Class Number for each
component to enroll in this type of class
(e.g., science, engineering, computer science).
08/20/2012 - 12/03/2012
08/20/2012 - 12/03/2012
Computer Science I
COP 3502C
After searching for
this class, you will
need to record the
Class Nbr (16620)
for the Lecture
and the
Class Nbr (16621)
for the Lab.
Fall 2012
You can also enter the 5 digit Class Nbr on the
“Add Classes” page and then click Enter.
Fall 2012
IF the class has a
related component
(either a discussion
or lab), the system
will bring up all
related courses.
From this menu
select a Lab /
Click the button for the Lab / Discussion you choose.
Then select NEXT.
Fall 2012
Your selection has been added to your Shopping Cart.
Your seat in class is not reserved. You must finish enrolling
to reserve a seat. To enroll, click Proceed to Step 2 of 3.
You have to accept financial responsibility.
There will be a $100 Late Payment Fee if you
do not pay by the due date.
Fall 2012
Verify that this is the class and the Days/Times that you
want and that the class is still open.
IMPORTANT – you must click FINISH ENROLLING to process your
request for the classes listed below.
If you would like to cancel without adding these classes, click
Fall 2012
If everything is
acceptable and this is
the class you wanted,
you must click
to process your request
to enroll in classes.
If you would like to cancel
without adding a class,
click CANCEL.
Fall 2012
Success Enrolled
Review Error
Unable to
add class
Spring 2013
Once you have finished adding a class, you can
add more classes by selecting the Add tab.
You can view your schedule by selecting
My Class Schedule.
If you are finished, select
Student Self Service > Student Accounts
> Fee Invoice. Then select the
appropriate Term.
The amount you
owe is posted.
Fees Due Dates are
Fall: 8/29/2014
Fall 2012
Registration Help Lines
Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
UCF Orlando Campus: 407-823-3533
University Registrar
161 Millican Hall
Telephone: 407-823-3100
Email: [email protected]