Name: ______________ Date:______
Underline the best option for each sentence.
1. When I retire I’m going to learn to play / playing the saxophone.
2. My crazy dentist wanted taking out / to take out all of my teeth!
3. It’s difficult to find / finding a good builder in Valencia.
4. I haven’t got any change. Would you mind to lend / lending me a coin for the coffee machine?
5. Finally, at the age of 49, Danny decided getting / to get married.
6. Would you like going / to go out for a drink tomorrow night?
7. Michael isn’t allowed drinking / to drink Coke because it’s bad for his teeth.
8. If the computer isn’t working, why don’t we try to hit / hitting it with a hammer?
Complete these sentences using gerund or infinitive:
I'm looking forward to _______________the film. (see)
______________is a good form of exercise. (run)
John decided _______________to Helen for a month or two. (not write)
I think you're going to have to give up ______________tennis. (play)
Todd misses _______________to see your children every week. (be able)
Correct the sentences below.
1. Creat new jobs in this community has greatly helped the economy.
2. To explaining my position would take a great deal of time.
3. Eliminate toxic wastes from the environment is crucial to the future health of our children.
4. To consuming electrical energy without replenishing it is dangerous.
5. Generate some new ideas will greatly enhance our marketing strategy.
Farmer Jones and his wife
Choose the correct form of the verbs brackets to complete the text.
Farmer Jones met Jane when he was just a young man. He couldn’t help 1(falling/to fall) in love
with her immediately and asked her 2(to marry/marrying) him. She said yes although she knew it
would mean 3(getting/to get) up early to milk the cows for the rest of her life.
“Love means never 4(to have/having) to get up early to milk the cows”, said Farmer Jones, and explained that he would
continue 5(getting/to get) up early to milk the cows so Jane could sleep late every day.
Everything went well until they wanted 6(to increase/increasing) their profits. They bought some chickens, but the first
night, a fox ate one of the them. Farmer Jones decided 7(building/to build) a fence to protect the chickens. But the ground
was too hard so he couldn’t. He tried 8(using/to use) an axe to break the ground but it was much too hard. So he went to the
local shop and attempted 9(to buy/buying) a gun. But he didn’t have any identification so he couldn’t buy one. He tried
10(borrowing/ to borrow) one from his neighbours but they were all worried about the fox too.
“I regret not 11(to buy/buying) one when I had those rabbit problems”, he told Jane.
So Jane went to the shop and bought a gun. That night she waited for the fox. At first she tried 12(to scare/scaring) the
fox by shooting into the air but it didn’t work. So she tried 13(hitting/to hit) the fox but she missed. She called her
husband and he ran after the fox in order 14(to catch/catching) it but he wasn’t fast enough. They tried 15(shouting/to
shout) at the fox, 16(to throw/throwing) things at it and 17(leaving/to leave) other food for the fox but nothing worked.
Soon they had only 1 chicken left. They asked their neighbours 18(helping/to help) them and one of their neighbours advised
them 19(putting/to put) tiger dung on the ground. So they went to the local zoo in order 20(to buy/buying) some tiger dung.
They put the dung on the ground and they never saw the fox again.