Tyler Cook and Brett Richardson
Sports Marketing/ Dr. Peetz
December 3, 2013
The Taco Bell Celebrity Softball Game occurs
every summer during MLB All-Star festivities
Game is aired on tape delay late at night
Mission Statement: “bring an exciting, family
atmosphere to MLB fans of all ages, filled
with connecting fans with baseball’s past and
today’s stars”
Lacks a marketing strategy
The Softball Game
◦ Teams consist of former players and current celebs
◦ 5 inning contest
◦ Celebs based on All Star location
Other services include concessions and Taco
Bell giveaways
Economic Status
◦ Ticket prices start at $44 and go as high as $300
◦ ticket packages include tickets to both the softball
game and Future’s game
◦ Families
◦ Baseball fans
In the maturity stage of the life cycle
Competitors: other All Star Celebrity Games
Attached to MLB
Strong MLB fan base
Exposure to fans
Unfamiliar Celebrities
Interested sponsors
Poor Marketing Plan
Tape Delay on TV
Sponsors associated with MLB
Other All-Star Weekend events
Airing on lesser network
Popularity of NBA All Star Game
Popular stars
Television Rights
Unique atmosphere
Other forms of entertainment
Target Market needs to shift in order for the
event to be successful
Non baseball, pop culture fans
◦ Game can create a more interactive experience
between fans and celebrities
◦ Parents with young children
◦ Short game will keep their attention
Create an exciting atmosphere for fans of all
ages and baseball enthusiasm
Increase attendance for the game by 50% in
five years or 10% per year
Increase Revenue by 25% in 5 years or %5 per
Bring in 2 new sponsors each year to create
new branding opportunities
Have the game aired live on television within
3 years of beginning the marketing plan
Gain exposure through media outlets
New ticket structure
Change the culture of the event
Print ads in newspapers and magazines such as
Sports Illustrated
Radio and television commercials tying main
celebrity with a current project
Social media blitz through Facebook and Twitter
◦ “Name the Star”
◦ “Celebrity Trivia”
◦ Free chances to win tickets and other prizes
Celebrity “meet and greets” leading up to event
Affordability is the main goal
5 new ticket prices:
◦ Single event children: $15
◦ Single event adult: $25
◦ Family package: $125
 2 adult and 2 children’s tickets
 4 hotdogs and 4 medium drinks
 $25 merchandise credit in gift shop
◦ VIP package: $150
 All you can eat and drink area
 Meet and Greet zones with celebrities
 Chance to win All-Star game ultimate
◦ Entire weekend package: $250
 Includes admission to all events during All-Star weekend
Create a unique fan experience
◦ Get up close and personal with celebrities
◦ Kid’s zone sponsored by McDonald’s or other major
◦ Gatorade interaction zone which will allow fans to
see some of today’s innovative sport’s technology
◦ Nike stations where fans can try new Nike products
◦ Technology set ups sponsored by Twitter where
fans can tweet their experience at the event and
upload pictures of themselves at the softball game
“Free Agency”
◦ 4-5 month period
“Spring Training”
◦ 4 month period
“Opening Day”
◦ 2 month period
◦ 1 month period
Known as the Brainstorming session
Our team of 8 marketing directors will recruit
and strategize on who will best fit for our
celebrity players
Develop social media strategies such as
giveaways and interactive questions
Gather sponsor interest and sign contracts
for different fan zones we will provide for the
Introduce the stars and legends to the public
Create television commercials tying a star’s new
movie or album release to their participation in
the game
Implement the social media strategy through
Facebook and Twitter
Send out mailer to season ticket holders in host
Flyer blitz to local businesses and schools
Create all sponsor signage and giveaway displays
Host side events such as “Kevin James Hot Dog
Eating Contest”
Ramp up social media strategy with ticket
giveaways and meet and greet passes
Have training for all staff and volunteers
where issues such as parking, merchandise
sales and customer service policies are
Mail out tickets and any other material to all
fans attending the game
Get ready for the Taco Bell All-Star Legends
and Celebrity Softball Game to be a major
Evaluation Process
Short surveys fans will be asked to take in stadium at
event or by email sent to them the week following
All-Star activities
Customer Service
Celebrity involvement
Overall satisfaction
Evaluate and analyze data as far as attendance and
Have follow up meetings with all sponsors
Compile a database of attendees to send material to
in the following year
Expected revenue: $2,600,000
◦ Ticket sales: $700,000
◦ Concession and merchandise: $400,000
◦ Corporate contracts: $1,500,000
Expected expenses:$2,500,000
Stadium costs: $300,000
Interactive zones: $300,000
Celebrity engagements: $500,000
All forms of promotion: $1,400,000
Total Profit Margin: $100,000