Chapter 1 Study Guide The Human Body, Terminology


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Chapter 1 Study Guide

The Human Body, Terminology

I highly suggest going to at least one of the web sites associated with our book and do the practice activities and take the practice test. See my school site to find all three.

Book one -



1) Define anatomy and physiology

2) How are anatomy and physiology related?

3) List the levels of structural organization in the body. (6) Define each level.

4) Name the 11 organ systems in the body and their major functions.

5) List 5 characteristics of living things. (necessary life functions).

6) What are the 5 survival needs of nearly all body system? (properties needed to maintain life)

7) Define homeostasis. What is homeostatic imbalance? List 3 examples.

8) Distinguish between positive and negative feedback mechanisms. List 2 examples of each.

9) What is anatomical position?


Distinguish between body “section” and body “plane”?

11) Identify and define the 3 main body planes.

12) What are the two main categories of body cavities?

13) Identify the 9 regions of the abdomen.

14) Distinguish between directional and regional terms.

15) Complete the following table: “Body Cavities”

Also see the 10 questions at the end of the Veggie People Lab.


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