Lesson Plan 2

Tutor: Zoryneé Lewis
Student Name: Jason Castro
Date/Session #: 2/9/15. Session #2
Purpose: To determine background information about my student’s interests and to conduct
initial assessments on his/her literacy accomplishments.
SOL: K.11 & K.12
Objective: The student will write a story with a beginning, middle and end on a self-selected
The teacher will collect information on the writing ability of the student.
Activity: Writing Sample
Materials: Blank paper, pencil, lined paper
Procedure: 1. Engage the student in a short discussion about a story topic such as school and
family life, friends, pets, interests. Use the information from the interview to help the student
select a topic.
2. Allow the student 3 minutes to sketch an illustration about one of the story topics
for pre-writing using the blank paper.
3. Prompt the student to write a story about the topic including story details.
Other Assessments
SOL: not sure
The teacher will conduct assessments to determine background information about the student
The teacher will conduct assessments to determine the student’s level of phonemic awareness.
The teacher will assess the student’s alphabet knowledge.
Activity: Yopp-Singer Test
Letter Identification
Materials: Pencil, Child Interview, Yopp-Singer Assessment, and Letter ID Assessment
Procedure: 1. Interview the student using the sample questionnaire. Record the responses.
2. Administer Yopp-Singer Test by asking student to segment words into sounds.
3. Administer Letter ID assessment by asking child to name letter, letter sound, or
Today At A Glance
1. Complete Child Interview
2. Yopp-Singer Test
3. Letter ID
4. Writing Sample