The Lighter Side of Assessment

The Lighter Side of
Cartoons and Jokes about Assessing
Students and Related Topics
The Lighter Side of
Assessment !
• Humorous stories
about testing and
• Testing and test
taking jokes
• Humorous video
The Goal
• To consider testing issues and trends
from an entertaining viewpoint
• To illustrate problems and solutions
in testing using humor
On Making Tests
On Homework
And Dogs!!!!
We have to spend our money on
Your brain on tests.
• How many educators does it take to
change a light bulb?
• Well first of all you can’t just go
changing a light bulb just like without
proper planning and assessment.
No light bulb changing services can
be provided without identification.
How do we know the light bulb needs
to be changed until we determine the
appropriate disability category and
learning problem? We must of course
test each light bulb with a series of
norm and criterion-referenced tests.
Next comes placement. Oh….Before
placement you must develop an initial
On Taking Tests
On Styles of Teaching
From the article, "Teaching Learners to be Self-Directed"
by Gerald Grow, Ph.D.
School of Journalism, Media & Graphic Arts
Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, FL 32307 USA
Teaching Style 1
Teaching Style 2
Teaching Style 3
• Teaching Style 4
• Teaching Style Author
The importance of testing.
Other Observations on Testing
Father: Well son, how are your exam
Son: They're all under water
Father: What do you mean?
Son: They're all under C level.
• When Suzy got home, she told her
dad that she got a 100 in
school. Her dad told her to go sit
down and tell him
all about it. She said, "Well, I got a
20 in math, a 30 in
science, and a 50 in spelling!
Albert Einstein arrives at a party and introduces himself to
the first person he sees and asks, "What is your IQ?" to
which the man answers "241." "That is
wonderful!" says Albert. "We will talk about the Grand
Unification Theory and the mysteries of the universe. We will
have much to discuss!"
Next Albert introduces himself to a woman and asks, "What is
your IQ?" to which the lady answers, "144." "That is great!"
says Albert. "We can discuss politics and current affairs.
We will have much to discuss!"
Albert then goes to another person and asks, "What is your
IQ?" to which the man answers, "51." Albert ponders this for
a moment, and then says, "GO JAGUARS!"
• Dr. Venn was grading the essay finals he had just given his
class and opened the exam book of a failing student to
reveal blank pages and a $100 bill. The only thing written in
the book was "$100 = 100% - I get an A."
A month later, the student approached the professor. "I
don't understand," he said. "I failed the course. Didn't you
read my final?" The professor handed the student the exam
The student opened it to reveal $50 and the phrase "$50 =
50% - You fail!"
At UNF, there were three students taking
Assessment of Students with Special Needs.
They did so well on all the quizzes, mid-terms, and
labs, etc., that each had an "A" for the semester.
These three friends were so confident that the
weekend before finals, they decided to drive
down to Orlando to the University of Central
Florida to party with some friends. They had a
great time. However, after all the hard partying,
they slept all day and didn't make it back to UNF
until early the next morning. Rather than taking
the final then, they decided to find Venn after
the final to explain why they missed it. They
explained that they had gone to UCF for the
weekend with the plan to come back in time to
study, but, unfortunately, they had a flat tire on
the way back, didn't have a spare, and couldn't
get help for a long time. As a result, they missed
the final.
Venn thought it over and then agreed they could make up
the final. The students were elated and relieved. They
studied that night and went in the next day at the time the
Venn had told them. He placed them in separate rooms and
handed each of them a test booklet, and told them to begin.
They looked at the first problem, worth 5 points, something
simple about the definition of assessment.
"Cool," they thought at the same time, each one in her
separate room, "This is going to be easy." Each finished the
problem and then turned the page.
On the second page was
written: (For 95 points):
Which tire was flat?
A Multiple Choice Test…
_____ 1. Choose the
best answer
A. Test
B. Teach**
** - Indicates best
A Spoof on the FCAT
Accelerated Direct Success – ADS
Because FCAT Scores Matter…..
More Than Learning
Accelerated Direct
With ADS you get minute by minute teaching
guides, thousands of practice tests, and other
materials for turning your school into a 21st
century test preparation factory. Unlike its
competitors, ADS also sends you specially
designed pellet dispensers that fit on each
student’s desk and shoot candy directly into
students’ mouths when they emit a correct
Cheating on Tests
A “D” on Paper
I used a $3,000 computer, a $1,200 printer, and $200 word processing
program, and I still got a “D” on my norm-referenced testing project report
In Venn’s class.
Test Abuse??
Help fight standardized test abuse
Let teachers teach………
STOP testing insanity
Nickel B
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has become no
child left untested……
This is only a test!
“Sign in an office: This teaching position is
only a test, had it been an actual job, you
would have received raises, bonuses and
High Stakes Testing
RAT – Rodent
Achievement Test
FCAT – Funny Clown
Achievement Test
This is only a test.
Attack of the FCAT??
Attack of the
The Lighter Side of
Assessment !
I hope you enjoyed
and learned from
these humorous
stories, jokes, and
video clips about
testing and
The Lighter Side of