Gene Expression 1

Bio 212(1) SI
Gene Expression
1. Describe and draw the central dogma. What are differences in the processes between
prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
2. What are histones? What role do they play in DNA folding?
3. What is a Nucleosome? Draw it. How do we know they exist?
4. What is Euchromatin? Heterochromatin?
5. What is a centromere? Kinetochore?
6. What is the function of a Promoter?
7. What is cAMP, what is it a derivative of? What is CAP? How are they related?
8. What is the role of allolactose in the lac Operon?
9. Contrast the mRNA, tRNA and rRNA.
10. In Eukaryotes, the tRNA at the P site of a ribosomal complex is adding to which end of
the polypeptide chain?
11. What is a cistron?