Federalist 47, 48, 51 and 39

Federalist 47, 48, 51 and 39
Guiding Questions
AP Government and Politics
Federalists 47, 48 and 51
1. In your own words, what principle of the Constitution does Madison address in this series of essays?
2. Which of the three branches does Madison believe is most in need of the people’s “precaution”? Why?
3. Explain his argument that in fact a “blended” separation of powers is more desirable than a “distinct”
4. How does the phrase, “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition” apply to this argument?
Federalist 39
1. What is the topic addressed by Madison in this essay?
2. How does he show that the Constitution does indeed create a government “conformable” to these
3. Describe the objection raised in this essay that Madison will answer.
4. Explain how Madison claims that the nature of the government is indeed not wholly federal, or wholly
national, but rather a composition of both, in each of these areas:
a. Foundations
b. Sources of Power
c. Operation of Powers
d. Extent of Powers
e. The Amendment Process