Name: Date: Sociology Block: American Subcultures and

American Subcultures and Countercultures Project
Although Americans share the many of the same family structures, technologies, beliefs, and values, some
variations exist. As in most societies, there are subcultures and countercultures within the larger
American culture. Some of these variations existed in the past, while some are unique to the modern era.
Your task is to identify an American subculture or counterculture. You will explain to the class its major
similarities and differences to the larger American culture. You can find this information in the U.S.
History in Context database, library books, and reliable websites. Through this project, you will learn
more about subcultures, countercultures, and American culture.
Your explanation of an American subculture or counterculture will take the form of 1-2 standard
PowerPoint slides that will contain and be graded on the following components:
Name of the subgroup at top of slide and accurate identification of it as a subculture or
counterculture (1 point)
Accurate identification of where and when the culture developed and why it developed (3 points)
Clear and accurate explanation of the beliefs, values, norms, institutions, technology, etc. that
makes it unique, i.e. why it is a sub or counterculture, while avoiding stereotypes (10 points)
Clear and accurate explanation of its connection to the larger American culture (5 points)
Two or more images that illustrate some of the key cultural components of the culture (2 points)
Use of proper grammar and mechanics with all quotes cited (2 points)
Effective presentation of slide(s) with good eye contact, tone, and pace, and elaboration beyond
text (2 points)
This project will be worth 25 points and must be emailed to [email protected] by