AP Biology Test Prep Book (soft bound) – in July

2015-16 AP Biology
Pre-School Meeting
Welcome AP Biology Students!
Please be sure you:
 Pick up the summer assignment
1. Instructions
2. Handouts
 Pick up small info sheet and fill out
 Before leaving: turn in info form & get your seed container
 See your counselor – you are not already signed up!
Things to get:
1. Summer Assignment Packet
2. Tomato Seeds from me – Heirloom Large Red Cherry
(70 days or equivalent # of days)
3. AP Biology Textbook (hard bound)
4. AP Biology Test Prep Book (soft bound) – in July
5. College Lab Notebook - NCR (No Carbon Required) –
purchase from a college/university bookstore
Accessing me:
My website:
This site will become an important resource for you
Emailing me over break? Use
Summer assignment:
Your summer project is intended to get you
thinking and acting in a way that promotes
critical thinking and implementing those
thoughts into practical applications.
It is meant to be hands-on and discovery-based.
Part 1 - Plant Lab
a. Research some basics about your tomato plant (see attachment)
b. Your goal is to Design and Implement the effective growth of
3 productive tomato plants for 4 – 6 months
1 control plant & 2 experimental plants (varying the fertilizer)
c. Collect data as you go (in the form of photos and
qualitative/quantitative descriptions)
Time frame should be:
Research & Start up - 2 to 3 hours
Maintenance of plants: about 10 - 15 minutes/week
Water daily and once a week take pictures & record
qualitative/quantitative data
Part 2 - Animal Behavior
a. Vocabulary (terminology sheet or flashcards - ch 51)
b. Research some famous research about animal behavior
YouTube Videos: summarizing
Experimental set up (independent variable)
What’s happening (depending variable)
Time frame should be:
Research & Vocabulary: 2.5 hours max
Part 1 - Plant Lab Cautions
a. When Germinating - let the seeds “breath” and keep them moist.
b. Be sure to label your seeds so no one throws them away!
c. When removing seedlings from the paper towel don’t rip off the roots.
d. When ready - plant the seedlings, do not bury them.
e. Add proportionate amount of fertilizer once the plant is in a cup or more
f. Keep records the entire time (written and visual)
g. Persevere - do not give up. Some of our best learning comes from our
Not having plants is not an option.
First day of school have:
1. Research about Tomato Plants
2. Evidence of your Tomato Plant Project – pictures & info
(printed on one or two pages) of how far along you are.
3. Animal behavior vocabulary – from chapter 51
4. YouTube Summaries of famous experiments
5. College lab Notebook
Thank you for coming today.
Have a great break.
I look forward to working with you in
…AP Biology!!