Blood Life's Liquid Graphic Organizer

What is clotting?
Blood Types
A blood transfusion is…
Explain how platelets contribute to clotting:
There are ____ types of human blood.
Who discovered the types?
What is a bruise?
List the types of human blood.
What makes the types of blood different?
What nutrients does your body need to clot effectively?
What was the Rh factor named after?
What is hemophilia? Describe it.
People make ____________________ against the markers
they do not have in their blood.
What do these antibodies do?
If you are type A blood, who can you get blood from and give
blood to?
If you are type AB blood, who can you get blood from and
give blood to?
How much blood do you have in your body? What about an
Red Cells
These cells transport _________________.
Blood is a complex mix of ____________ and ___________.
The scientific name for red blood cells is
The liquid part is…
How many erythrocytes does an adult man have?
Where does the red color of blood come from?
The solid part is…
What is their shape?
White Cells
What is the scientific name for white blood cells?
Each blood cell can carry ___________________ oxygen atoms.
What does blood bring to the rest of your body?
How do they compare in size and number to red blood cells?
What does blood pick up from the rest of your body?
Who do white blood cells constantly look for?
Why does some blood look very dark red or purple?
What do leukocytes do when they find them?
What is the sticky pus that collects in a wound or infection?
You have enough oxygen in your blood at one time to keep you
alive for how long?
How many erythrocytes dies every second?
What is leukemia?
Where do you make new ones?